The Revolution Will Be Televised

Our story. Our vision.

Who are we

We are a group of innovators, developers and designers that just happens to love great visuals as much as we love data-driven content. As we’ve discovered, that’s a powerful combination when you’re building a visual engagement platform.  

We’ve always loved dashboards

As founders of a fast-moving, complex payments company, we needed a platform that could display real-time, easy to understand visual data to keep up with the data vital to our business. So, we built it. And we loved it.

We are growing

What started as our own custom build grew into the robust display management platform that is TelemetryTV. We know that a visual economy is the future, and we didn’t want to stop at dashboards.

Keeping it simple isn't an afterthought

Our platform has roots in data and technology, but that hasn’t stopped us from making sure it looks great. We believe it should be efficient and easy to create digital content that is eye-catching and engaging. Keeping it simple isn’t an afterthought – it’s our first thought. And we do that while ensuring the visuals are rich and sophisticated. We pay attention to every pixel because we hang our hat on exceptional data visualization.

We're here to help

We come to work everyday because we want to help businesses of any size easily unlock the power of great visuals. Whether you have lots to say or one message to send, on one screen or one thousand screens, we’re here to help you connect to your audiences with content that sticks in a visuals-first world.

Meet Our Team