Stay on top of All things TelemetryTV

TelemetryTV has launched a new Playlist publishing feature and a brand new Time Widget. Confirm changes to playlists before publishing them live, display multiple timezones, and try our new countdown feature!

This week our hardworking product team at TelemetryTV announced a big release. It includes a NEW applications library, big enhancements to the media manager, and a sizeable improvement to our user interface.

We're excited to launch our new website, For those that are unfamiliar with what we do, TelemetryTV helps businesses improve the way they communicate content and information to stakeholders through dashboards, digital signage, and programmatic TV.

In version 3 of Accounts, we will be introducing the Displays feature which gives you the ability to program, schedule, and broadcast your media (real-time dashboards, streaming video, images, etc) to 10s -1000s of displays through the Telemetry manager.

Read all about the Telemetry's most recent feature release update. From widgets actions, to single sign-on to group admins. There's a lot of great improvements.

Recently we launched a new version of our Telemetry Agent. The Agent is software that is designed to sit next to your data, derive metrics from that data and regularly send those metrics up to Telemetry for display. It's a convenient little binary application for Linux and Windows that simplifies the process of integrating your custom data with Telemetry.

The Apple Watch is finally here, and we are proud to announce the release of a brand new version of our iOS app that takes full advantage of all its capabilities.

We've recently just launched Telemetry 2.0! Telemetry has 3 key components. The Editor, where you can design and build up your boards. Agents, where we’ll help you integrate your data. And finally, the Viewer, so you can securely share your new boards. Happy Data Visualizing!

The Telemetry team has released a suite of new powerful features to the application.

The Telemetry crew recently watched the live feed of Apple’s highly anticipated 2014 World Wide Developers Conference. As always, Apple pulled off some big surprises, and one of the most interesting unveilings for the Telemetry team was Apple’s release of the new app extension features, allowing third-party apps to communicate with other apps.

Today, we're excited to announce that Telemetry is now fully compatible with Google Cast, including the companys's Chromecast device which allows you to visualize boards on any HDMI-compatible screen using an all-in-one dongle that is approximately the size of a USB stick.