Take advantage of your company’s data and display them through visually dynamic dashboards to analyze the information and make better business decisions.

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TelemetryTV is an advanced display management platform utilizing next generation technologies such as real-time streaming, service workers, data agents, and ChromeOS to deliver a solution that you can securely deploy and manage at scale.

Build Animated Dashboards

TelemetryTV has a huge widget library that provides all the tools you need to design your dashboards. If we don’t have the widget you’re looking for, not to worry since TelemetryTV is based on web components, allowing you to design your own custom data visualizations.

TelemetryTV's powerful content designer is a web application that lets you design a beautiful layered dashboard with responsive widgets that adapt to the size of the screen they're being displayed on.

The TelemetryTV Agent is a small application that resides next to your data that can query databases, APIs, watch log files, and data streams. This data is transformed with an embedded Lua engine to derived metrics that are then streamed to TelemetryTV for display on your dashboards.

Responsive Dashboards for any Display

TelemetryTV's widgets are fully responsive and are designed to scale from 720p to 4K televisions, and beyond. TelemetryTV provides a dedicated dashboard player application that when combined with a Chrome device allows for reliable 24x7 display.

TelemetryTV provides an interface for your users to log into and see all of your dashboards through their browser. A comprehensive permission system and secure session control provide the assurance that the right people are seeing the right information.

With a mobile optimized website for Android and a native IOS client, TelemetryTV supports viewing dashboards on your mobile with pinch to zoom support and multitasking on IOS where you can view a dashboard side by side with other applications on your iPad or iPhone.

Broadcast at Scale

Display your signage using inexpensive, secure, and reliable Chrome devices. TelemetryTV works as a kiosk application which ChromeOS automatically boots into and runs. Leverage Google's enormous Chrome ecosystem with powerful processors, low energy consumption, and support for 4K TV.

TelemetryTV is an authorized Google partner and has integrated with the Google apps admin ecosystem. This lets you automatically provision devices at scale and easily manage thousands of devices with complex rules for playlists and availability.

TelemetryTV, in partnership with Google and AOpen, provides a full solution for your needs. Along with in-app chat support and extensive documentation, we have you covered.

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More Dashboard Features

TelemetryTV has a number of sophisticated features to make your Dashboards communicate exactly what you need. Some of the features include:

  • Playlist Management

    Create playlists of dashboards and manage transitions, scheduling, and selective visibility based on location

  • Single Sign-on

    TelemetryTV supports integration with your enterprise sign on solution based on OAuth to ease large deployments.

  • Affiliates

    Create and administer TelemetryTV child accounts underneath your parent account.

Starts At
for 10 displays

Displays are measured as the sum of active users plus active devices

Additional displays are as low as $10 per month each

Additional premium features are available

Pricing FAQ

What payment methods does TelemetryTV accept?

You can set up a monthly subscription using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. There is no required commitment term beyond one month. We can also set up invoicing for larger payments.

How does TelemetryTV define a seat?

A seat is either a user logged into your TelemetryTV account, or a device that is paired and displaying one of your dashboards. If a pairing is deactivated or a user logs out, the seat becomes available again.

What is the price for additional seats?

Additional seats start at $20/month and can cost as low as $10/month depending on how many seats you use in any given billing cycle. Your monthly bill will automatically be adjusted as your seats increase or decrease.

Can I extend my free trial?

Our free trial is 30 days, after that point your credit card will be billed, but if you need more time to explore TelemetryTV, we can help you out! Let us know at support@telemetrytv.com, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

What support resources are available to me?

We have in-app support with a direct line right to our technical team. In addition, we have a very comprehensive documentation section covering all components of TelemetryTV.

Are Professional Services available?

We can work with you to build dashboards, digital signage, or programmatic TV. We have both designers and data integrators able to help you build a fully functioning board.

Our Customers Include

Try it free for 30 days:

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Digital Signage

Keep customers informed using digital signage that can enhance customer experience and have a positive effect on your bottom line.

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Custom Applications

Use TelemetryTV's real time data broadcast and display management capabilities to create next generation custom display applications.

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