Digital Signage Hardware

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Digital Signage Platform Strategy

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Recommended Platform & Device


TelemetryOS is our proprietary operating system. The TelemetryTV media player is a secured, optimized and customized platform. TelemetryOS is easy to use, manage, and scale. This will be our primary platform going forward and will receive the most features and attention.

Devices listed under the TelemetryOS section are TelemetryOS Certified. Customers who wish to use a linux based device that is not on our certified list should contact to get their device enrolled in our TelemetryOS Lab Program

Supported Features

  • Automatic Provisioning
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Automatic OTA System Updates
  • Compatible with MDM for remote management
  • RS-232 Compatibility
  • True 4K Playback
Intel NUC image
Intel NUC
The Intel NUC is a very reliable digital signage player available in many configurations, it is able to run on either Windows or Android operating systems.
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Minisforum N40 Mini PC image
Minisforum N40 Mini PC
The Minisforum N40 Mini PC device will come pre-configured with TelemetryOS. This will be our primary platform and we believe it'll be the most sophisticated digital signage platform on the market.
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Raspberry Pi 4 image
Raspberry Pi 4
Coming soon. TelemetryTV will offer a Raspberry Pi device that comes pre-configured with TelemetryOS. This will be the entry-level option for our primary platform, TelemetryOS.
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