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Why use digital signage for healthcare?

Digital signage has come a long way from on-premise platforms and servers. Today more and more healthcare organizations are turning to cloud-based digital signage solutions to provide seamless communication to visitors and staff on their premises.

  • light
    Share key information with patients, visitors and staff
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    Create a visceral vision of who their company is and what it believes in
  • clock
    Save visitors and staff time
  • user
    Improve organization-wide communications so that all employees are aware of what's going on
  • notice
    Improve emergency messaging
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    Align employees, increasing productivity

In healthcare environments, clear communication is key. High-quality, relevant content puts patients at ease and helps healthcare businesses run smoothly. With TelemetryTV’s cloud-based digital signage platform, organizations are able to work collaboratively to create and share information with ease.

TelemetryTV Benefits for Healthcare

Centralized Control

With a cloud-based digital signage solution your organization is utilizing a cloud-based network which has multiple benefits over an on-premise solution.

  • Provides healthcare organizations with an extensive, connected network of digital signage to push consistent and unified strategic material.
  • Elevates the overall perception of the environment to visitors and prospective employees as an organization that leverages and welcomes the benefits of new technology.
  • Provides organizations with an efficient centralized communication system for emergency messaging.
Centralized Control


Communicate with your staff and visitors with apps designed for healthcare organizations like, Events, Smart Room or the Notice App. Access over 70 beautiful, turn-key apps in our growing app library.


Playlists and content management systems

TelemetryTV’s powerful playlists allow organizations to put together content in an ordered list. Our advanced scheduling features allow you to customize your playlists to display what you want, when you want.

Playlist & Content

Campus Wide Alerts

Share messages campus-wide to keep your staff and visitors informed. Our display override system lets you take control of your screens with a single click to provide critical alerts and instructions to your visitors.


Integration with G Suite for Business

G Suite for Business is a set of tools that allow organizations to communicate effectively with staff and streamline their workflow. G suite for Business tools are powerful on their own but work even better together.

All TelemetryTV subscriptions include integrations with:

  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides

Robust user permissions

When your organization has multiple users and lots of content things can get out of hand quickly. TelemetryTV’s powerful user permission settings allow you to easily manage who can add, remove, and update content.


Remote Management and Scalability

Whether you are deploying 10’s or 100’s of devices TelemetryTV has got you covered. TelemetryTV is built on Google’s Chrome ecosystem, allowing you to automatically provision many devices at scale using Chrome device management. Display and manage content across multiple buildings with ease, from wherever you are.

Remote Management and Scalability
TelemetryTV is one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly interfaces for getting digital signage in your business.
Nick Somers
Nvisionate Studios

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