Bye-bye attention bias.

Engage your viewers with content that sticks.

One Mission Control. Limitless Screens.

Broadcasting your story on thousands screens is now as simple as placing it on one. 
TelemetryTV simplifies multi-screen management with easy central control, 
and speeds up the delivery of great content.
  • Infinite scale with automatic provisioning
  • Monitor all your devices within one interface
  • Practical, easy-to-use CMS
  • Lower TCO
  • Enterprise-grade roles and permission, and SSO
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Connect with viewer-centric content

In a world full of screens, TelemetryTV lets you easily deliver targeted visuals and real-time information that gets viewers attention. Move beyond pre-set messages to curated, real-time content that engages audiences, drives decision making and builds brand loyalty.
  • Curated, ready-to-use apps library
  • Real-time visuals driven dynamically by data and social feeds
  • Third-party video streams
  • Easy-to-use, industry themed templates
  • Rules-based playlist manager

Visualize Everything.

Stories don’t just live in words. They live in numbers and data.
Telemetry’s dynamic dashboards let you present number-driven stories with high impact visuals.
It’s not about ‘viewing’ data. It’s about experiencing it.
  • Drag ‘n’ Drop Board Editor
  • Huge widget library to help design your unique dashboard
  • Swiss Army Data Connector to push data from disparate sources
  • Fully responsive canvas and designed to scale to 4k and beyond
  • Real-time updates by the second

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Scale Practically

Built for Chromeboxes and Window's Devices, TelemetryTV’s cloud-based platform lets you leave behind the hefty hardware and scales practically to the needs of any business.  From one screen to one thousand (or more) screens, TelemetryTV scales to meet all enterprise needs.
  • Manage one or many screens with Chrome Device Manager
  • Runs in Kiosk mode so your screens become a locked down app
  • Devices can be reset remotely and boots into TelemetryApp automatically
  • Media Player and Firmware updates automatically
per display per month

K-12 EDUs get 30% off

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