We’re excited to launch our new website, TelemetryTV.com. For those that are unfamiliar with what we do, TelemetryTV helps businesses improve the way they communicate content and information to stakeholders through dashboardsdigital signage, and programmatic TV.

Our web-based platform allows customers to easily create and manage content, then display it to any number of screens. Our customers use dashboards to stream critical metrics, digital signage to feature promotions, and programmatic TV to reach and engage audiences.

How can you benefit from using TelemetryTV?


Does your company collect a lot of data, but you’re not sure how to make full use of it? TelemetryTV can integrate with any data source and create custom dashboards to display important metrics. Make better business decisions by gaining insight into sales numbers, marketing analytics, and other important information displayed on beautifully designed dashboards.


Technology is all around us, so why not make the most use of it? Keep your customers informed with digital signage that can enhance customer experience and improve your bottom line. For companies in the retail or restaurant industry, you can use TelemetryTV to create digital signage that can be easily modified or updated to reflect current sales and promotions.


If you’re a company that’s looking to keep customers engaged, programmatic TV may be the answer. With TelemetryTV you can put together a playlist of videos and build your own custom channels, then broadcast them to designated displays. Whether you’re an office, restaurant, or retail store, you’ll be able to create the right kind of programming based on the needs of your audience.

What can you do with TelemetryTV?

Content: upload, and host images and videos

Provisioning: manually or automatically provision Chrome devices to display content to screens

Schedule: choose when and where you want to show content

Proof of Play: obtain reports with stats based on number of views and how frequently your content is displayed

To learn more about the features and capabilities of TelemetryTV, visit our new website and sign for a 30 day trial to test it out!