Time series data storage and analysis articulated through rich, meaningful, real-time data visualizations.

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at TempoDBTempoDB is a simple, scalable, and fast time series database service.

The TempoDB platform allows you to record, summarize, and analyze various types of time series data like: energy usage, weather data, traffic patterns, smart meters, pressure readings, media monitoring metrics, amongst many others.

Telemetry has oriented its development team around creating a platform that is committed to building rich, meaningful, real-time data visualizations - so this partnership is very complementary to our services. The TempoDB alliance will now give our users another toolbox to store and summarize their time series data.

With TempoDB you get constant query speeds, range rollups (15m, 1h, 5d, etc), summaries that generate statistical answers (mean, max, standard deviation, etc), series metadata tags, and attributes to add context and build relationships within your data series. We’ve also integrated with TempoDB’s public API to make visualizing your time series data flows even easier.

Telemetry customers will get a 10% discount for their first year when they sign-up with TempoDB.

To learn more about TempoDB and sign-up for a discounted account, click here.