How E-xact Transactions Ltd. (A Payment Gateway) used Google Chrome devices to help bring TelemetryTV (Dashboard/Digital Signage CMS) into their organization using Chromeboxes, Chromebits, and the Chrome Device Manager.

Business Description:

E-xact Transactions Ltd. is an industry veteran in e-commerce, specializing in protecting merchants from PCI exposure—minimizing their risk while maximizing their online opportunities. Their industry-leading software enables business to drive online and card-present sales within a secure, scalable, and intuitive interface. They have over 50+ employees that work at their Vancouver, BC head office.

The Challenge:

Processing billions of dollars in transactions a year, E-xact Transactions needed to monitor several business lines in real-time against a myriad of key performance indicators. Monitoring all the various business lines’ KPIs proved difficult as they didn’t have an easy way to present their critical metrics to key stakeholders.

Teams like DevOps, who were responsible for major product releases or monitoring networks had to investigate many different layers of the business to understand the business' health at any given time.

Key executives relied on reports from DevOps to be aware of risks in the business or any critical issues that needed addressing. Traditional reporting methods were slow, arduous, and inaccessible to many staff.

The Solution:

E-xact Transactions used TelemetryTV (CMS) to create real-time dashboards for key stakeholders. They then broadcasted theses real-time dashboards to large 55” HD flatscreens mounted on the walls in key areas within their head office. The 15 flatscreens were powered by Google Chromeboxes and centrally provisioned TelemetryTV's Media Player (A Chrome App) using the Chrome Manager.

“The Chrome Device Manager made it extremely easy to provision multiple Chrome devices quickly and with ease.” said Derek Ferguson, VP Engineering, E-xact Transactions Ltd.

As soon as the flatscreens went up on the wall, employees started to pay attention to them. Critical KPIs were now streaming in real-time for all to see. It quickly brought a unified sense of awareness to the company and changed the tone of meetings for the better. The Chromeboxes proved reliable in keeping the broadcasts up 24/7. And since the Chromeboxes ran the TelemetryTV media player app in kiosk mode, technical support was not required if a reboot was ever needed.

The Results:

The new dashboard initiative via TelemetryTV, Chromeboxes and the Chrome Device Manager dramatically cut monitoring costs due to savings in human labour and better response time to critical issues.

As well, the DevOps team addressed issues with more accuracy and completeness than before.

Key executives now had live reports showing all the critical metrics of their business which freed up time for strategic work as they no longer needed to attend status meetings.

“Chromeboxes proved to be a vital component to realizing our dashboard strategy. ” said Brian Archer, CTO, E-xact Transactions Ltd.