The Chromecast is unable to take advantage of Telemetry 2.0's new features. Telemetry runs well on a Google Chromebox, or for a similar form factor to the Chromecast we suggest using the new Chromebit from Asus.

Even though we work hard to ensure that Telemetry works well on anything from computer screens to smartphones, nothing beats the sight of a big-screen TV showing one of our boards.

It's no surprise, then, that many customers contact us for advice on how to set up their big-TV rigs. Some of the process is easy enough: flat-screen sets have come down dramatically in price, and are easy to find at any electronics store. Unfortunately, Telemetry has, so far, also required the use of some kind of computer hardware to display the boards—and this is often inconvenient to install, relatively expensive, and hard to maintain.

But that's about to change. Today, we're excited to announce that Telemetry is now fully compatible with Google Cast, including the companys's Chromecast device, which allows you to visualize boards on any HDMI-compatible screen using an all-in-one dongle that is approximately the size of a USB stick.


The Telemetry for Google Cast experience is completely seamless. All you need to do is connect a Chromecast to your TV, set it up from a Google Chrome browser running on your local network, and then connect it to your Telemetry account.

The entire process should take no more than a few minutes of work, and will leave you with a completely autonomous board display; once your boards are running, they will continue to work independently until they are either switched to a different Google Cast application, or they lose power.

Even better, you can control what is displayed by each TV directly from the comfort of the Telemetry website. Every Chromecast you set up appears in your viewer list, from where you can change what they display at the click of a mouse.


When they are in full view, boards don't just display information: They tell a storythat our eyes can take in at a glance. They change the way we assimilate and react to the information they display.

The introduction of Telemetry for Google Cast makes displaying boards anywhere easy and effortless. At just $35 US, the Chromecast adds only a tiny expense to the cost of any TV set, and is orders of magnitude easier to manage.

We're already hard at work to bring more options that allow you to get prompt access to your data wherever you are. Stay tuned as we take more steps towards becoming the Internet's visualization layer!

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