The Apple Watch is finally here, and we are proud to announce the release of a brand new version of our iOS app that takes full advantage of all its capabilities.


Let's start with a few minor but significant updates that are going to affect all users—including those of you who aren't quite onboard with the whole wearable thing yet.

The new version of our app incorporates our 2.0 visualization engine, which brings the full power of Telemetry right to your device, with complete access to all your boards automatically formatted to fit your screen.

With this upgrade, we have also introduced support for the latest rendering technologies provided by iOS itself, resulting in smooth 60fps animations on most iPhone and iPad models.

Like before, the app is integrated right into our viewer workflow. Registered device will be listed in your management console, leaving you in full control over which boards they are allowed to view and making it easy to disconnect users who are no longer authorized to access certain content.


Apple has a history of “moving the needle” when it comes to the adoption of new technologies, and we feel that wearables fit fantastically in two of our core missions: bringing streaming data to our users wherever they are, and giving data a voice by letting it advise you when it needs your attention.

With the launch of our Apple Watch app, you can now pick a specific widget from all those that are visible to your iPhone, and have that displayed directly on your wrist.

Telemetry supports both of the Watch's viewing paradigms: In Glances mode, you can take a quick look at the status of your widget at any time, while launching the app will bring up a view that is updated in realtime.


Notifications have been part of our API for some time, and are a great way to turn visualizations from a passive operation that provides information on demand to an active one that requests your attention when it's needed.

Since devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are designed to be on you at all times, they are a perfect fit for this model. As a result, we have decided to add native iOS notification support to our app.

In practical terms, this means that notifications sent to a specific channel will now be automatically forwarded to all iOS devices that subscribe to it, allowing you to view them even if the Telemetry app isn't running.

This functionality also extends to the Apple Watch, but with a minor twist designed to avoid user overload from too many notifications. The notification API endpoint now supports a new parameter, flow_tag, that allows you to associate a notification with a specific flow. Users will only receive a notification to their wrist if flow_tag is set to the tag of the same flow to which they have subscribed on their Apple Watch.