The Telemetry team has released a suite of new powerful features to the application:

Map Widgets: Telemetry is now integrated with Mapbox an open source mapping platform for developers and designers at enterprise scale. Now you can design beautiful custom maps layered with real time data visualizations from Telemetry’s widget library.

iframe Widget: Now you can embed iframes into Telemetry boards. Whether you want to embed live stock quotes, weather updates, or news feeds from other websites, the iframe feature lets you do this easily within Telmetry’s drag ‘n’ drop board editor.

Video Widget: We’ve leveraged the HTML5 video element to allow you to display rich video playback within a widget. Broadcast a video message to your company or loop key News videos to your clients with this widget.

Board Enhancements: We’ve increased the power of the board editor by allowing you to layer widgets on top of each other. The board editor can also render full color backgrounds or transparent backgrounds on all visual widget tiles for more design flexibility.

For a full list of our most recent updates, please visit our change log.