Fancy news, everyone! We've recently just launched Telemetry 2.0!

Some of the things I'm most excited to see in our 2.0 release:

  • Our editor has a resizable canvas, which means you’ve got a lot more room to play and lay out your widgets.
  • Previews in the widget library so you can quickly gauge which widget will do the job.
  • Layers! Layer all you like, you can reorder them from the Layers tab, but what I find easiest is just right clicking on the widget and sending it to the front or back right there instead.
  • And by popular request: Font sizing! Hard of sight or just want to pack in as much into your dashboard as you can? Now you can! We still have our wonderful Auto Fit option as well if you don’t want to fuss too much (just drag the slider all the way to the left).

A big thank you to everyone who gave us feedback while we were still in beta! We’re continuing to hammer out the bugs, and we’re still adding more polish and features, so please keep the feedback coming!

Fun design updates aside (I'm Jen, by the way, the designer here at Telemetry- hi!), we’ve made life easier for you developers as well. We’re introducing a little new application called: Agents (Sadly, while they are not 007 Agents sent over to you, they are there to make life a little smoother.) Agents will simplify the process of integrating other systems with our API. They will take care of formatting, scheduling and submitting data for you.

If we haven’t lost you: Telemetry now has 3 key components. The Editor, where you can design and build up your boards. Agents, where we’ll help you integrate your data. And finally, the Viewer, so you can securely share your new boards.

Happy Data Visualizing!