5 Ways To Engage Students Using Social Media

5 Ways To Engage Students Using Social Media
October 03, 2019

Explore some of the ways educators can use digital signage and social media to their advantage

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There are nearly 4 billion active social media users—chances are your students and staff aren’t the exceptions. Our advice: embrace it. Here are five strategies you can use to leverage your school’s top social channels with digital signage to increase engagement and create a more connected campus.

1. Communicate with your students

Utilizing digital signage in an educational environment allows you to connect with your students like never before. Digital signage providers offer apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to  communicate campus news, make announcements and provide students with useful information. 

2. Share positive and informative tweets

Create a positive energy in your community by initiating hashtags on social media that engage your students in educational discussions. 

3. Engage students using video

Video has become the number one way to share information in the social media space, with 45% of people watching more than an hour of Facebook or Youtube videos a week. 

Using YouTube allows you to engage your students, staff, and onsite visitors with compelling video content. You can choose to display a single video, play videos from your school’s Youtube channel, or stream an entire Youtube playlist.

4. Create a Social Wall

A Social Wall allows you to display tweets in a grid or scrolling wall format. Link your Twitter account to display tweets by username, hashtag, search, or home timeline, with your own custom background.

5. Use Instagram to share photos

When you use the Instagram app, you can easily display your school’s feed to keep students in the social mix and up to date on the various goings on at school. Notre Dame High School has done an excellent job of using their digital signage displays to keep their students involved in their school sports games.

The future of communication

Digital signage has proven itself to be the future of communication in education and beyond, schools now have the ability to communicate with students on a level that was never before possible. Taking advantage of this is key for modern educators as students are increasingly expecting content to be delivered in a digital format, in the past we have written about choosing the best digital signage solution for your district.

It’s clear that digital signage is here to stay which is great news for educators and students. If you’re interested in using TelemetryTV in your school, contact ustoday.