Digital Lobby Signage - (A Powerful Tool During Covid-19)

Digital Lobby Signage - (A Powerful Tool During Covid-19)
October 14, 2020

Interested in installing a lobby display system to wow and inform visitors? Here’s how to do it—as well as a comprehensive list of benefits, strategies, and types of content you can display.

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First impressions are everything, as the saying goes. And that certainly holds true in the world of digital marketing. Wowing visitors at the first moment they enter your buildings with digital signage, or seamlessly getting them the information they need without sending them on a wild goose chase is a huge plus.


And that’s truer than ever given our current Covid-19 reality, where things like social distancing, proper hygiene, and wearing a mask are hugely important. So what better way to keep people safe during a pandemic than by displaying useful Covid-19 preparedness messages on eye-catching digital lobby displays?


With that said, if you’re looking to upgrade to digital lobby signage during these uncertain times, here’s everything you need to know.



How does digital lobby signage help organizations?

 digital lobby signage

Digital signage has a wide litany of use cases, but perhaps the most important these days is lobby signage. It’s the first interaction visitors to your building or office will have with your brand. If you leave a bad impression, they might not come back. But if you give them a smooth and informative experience, they’ll be far more likely to return next time they require the services you offer.


However, digital lobby signage isn’t just a plug-and-play solution. It requires thoughtful implementation in order to be optimized. That means nailing down the specific goals you want your lobby digital signage to accomplish. Successfully do that and you can expect a wide range of organization-boosting benefits.


1.  Communicate health policies and information


digital lobby signage

Since we’re now living in a pandemic reality, every business must have Covid-19 prevention in the front of their mind at all times—especially companies currently in the process of reopening.


Being able to beam out Covid-related messaging—or any other emergency or health alert—to screens in your lobby is a great way to do just that. After all, it’s the very first thing people will see.


2. Keep employees and visitors engaged


Digital lobby signage is also a great way to keep both visitors and employees connected with your company in more meaningful ways. How? Well, digital lobby displays are much more dynamic than static lobby signage. They also have the ability to be interactive.


That means displaying things like company data, brand-building content, digital maps, and other information will be much more noteworthy, and much more likely to be digested.


3. Modernize your lobby


Imagine someone walking into your building or office and seeing a network of bold digital screens, displaying flashy and exciting content. Now imagine the opposite. A lobby of boring traditional signage, with the feel of another less technologically advanced generation. Which is more memorable? The answer should be obvious.


So deck your lobby out with visually appealing digital signage and it’s much more likely visitors and potential employees will associate your company with success.


4. Improve staff and visitor experience

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Digital lobby signage has the potential to drastically improve the guest and employee experience. That’s why it’s the main reason so many companies are adopting lobby display systems.


Put simply, it gives businesses the ability to quickly and effectively deliver information to those who need it right when they enter the building. Effective digital lobby signage answers the question before it’s ever asked.


5. Raise awareness


In the digital world of the 21st century, there’s no excuse for your company’s lobby to not be connected to the outside world. To build hype and raise awareness of your brand, you should display things like social media feeds, online reviews, awards, and industry news on your lobby displays.


Or even better, use captivating content to raise brand awareness or highlight the latest promotions to push return customers.



Types of content you can display on lobby signage


•   Wayfinding

•   Business reviews

•   Digital dashboards

•   Third-party advertisements

•   Promotions and sales

•   Entertainment and news

•   Live TV or informational videos

•   Important alerts and notifications

•   Internal communications



Top digital lobby signage use cases


•   Schools and universities

•   Gyms

•   Hospitals and clinics

•   Airports

•   Malls

•   Offices

•   Real estate

•   Restaurants

•   Hotels

•   Retail stores



How to set up digital lobby signage


1. Screen selection and placement


Choosing a display for your lobby signage is subjective, but there are a couple of tried-and-true tips to be aware of.


First, placement should always be in a high-traffic area where people tend to focus their attention when entering your building. Basically, they should be able to view your screen naturally and at a glance. They shouldn’t have to bend their neck or look towards an awkward corner of your lobby to see a screen. Make the experience seamless.


Second, pick a screen that flawlessly blends into the surrounding environment. Going big is great, but don’t overdo it. An unnecessarily large screen set against a tiny space or wall just looks weird. The same is true of a tiny screen perched on a huge wall.


2. Content creation


Thankfully, these days there are loads of free options when it comes to content creation for digital signage. A good rule of thumb in creating content for lobby digital signage is that less is more. Make content that is clean, minimal, and easily digestible at a glance because you can’t assume that eyes will be on your display for more than just a few seconds. So get rid of the noise.


3. Media players


Once you have a screen, now you need a media player to stream your digital lobby signage content on. There are many factors to consider when choosing a media player, but the first and perhaps most important is determining what OS you want it to use—Android, Chrome, Windows, Linux, or iOS.


Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. A healthy amount of research is necessary to determine which media player OS is best for your digital lobby signage needs.


4. Cloud-based digital signage


Finally, you need to invest in digital signage software. This will allow you to broadcast content and playlists you’ve created from the web to your network of screens. Any digital signage solution you choose should be cloud-based, intuitive, content-friendly, and highly scalable. For example, TelemetryTV comes built-in with a wide range of useful features that can easily be accessed and used on the fly.



Getting started


If you’re interested in upgrading to digital lobby signage, sign up for a14-day free trial of TelemetryTV and find out how it can enhance and add value to your lobby.