Top Uses of Digital Signage for Schools

Top Uses of Digital Signage for Schools
October 10, 2017

Read our article to find out about the top uses for digital signage displays in today’s universities, colleges, and high schools.

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There’s been an undeniable shift in the way universities, colleges, and, increasingly K-12 schools are engaging with their staff and students.

Students are no longer looking to old school means to access information quickly like they once did with outdated notes and printed flyers plastered on poster boards in hallways and classrooms.

As technology continues to evolve it’s become even more apparent that in order for schools to engage with, and attract, thousands of new students each year that they will need to start embracing what digital signage displays can do for not only students but staff and campus guests.  

Digital signage has come a long way from simply displaying the time and weather in a given location.

Now, schools can engage with students using a number of completely customizable, dynamic apps to display social media feeds, instant alerts, interactive campus maps, and so much more.

In this article, we’ll detail the top uses for digital signage which schools can start taking advantage of to attract and retain more students year after year.

View classroom schedules, upcoming events, and campus maps

As the number of students enrolling in school each year continues to rise, campuses these days are growing larger in size.

Today’s campuses look more like its own small city with classrooms and lecture halls spread over multiple buildings and streets.

Staff and students would be hard-pressed to find classrooms to be within a few yards of each other.

Digital signage displays on campus helps to alleviate the stress of finding a classroom on time with the means to display interactive campus maps, classroom schedules, and even upcoming events.

TelemetryTV’s Way-finding app syncs with a school’s 25Live RSS feed, allowing schools the control to display layered campus maps, classroom schedules, and upcoming lectures from anywhere around campuses.  

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Send out instant alerts and informational messages

Remember PA systems? Increasingly, most college students don’t have a clue what those are now.  

Today’s progressive universities, colleges, and high schools recognize students are changing therefore the means to grab their immediate attention must change too.

Digital signage displays are being used to instantly grab a student’s attention with the ability to display pertinent alerts and informational messages such as building evacuations, alarm testing and school closure, all with the touch of a button.

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Spark discussion on the latest news headlines

In the past, instructors would bring to class with them the morning’s paper to spark discussion on current events.

With digital signage displays available, classrooms can now live stream world news from some of the most influential news sources of today, allowing for real-time current event discussions within the classroom.

Select from a number of news sources to with the News app. Sign into your TelemetryTV account to add the News app to your display.

Engage students with social media

Nearly 8 out of 10 millennials use social media.

Of those using social media, they may spend nearly 2 hours a day scrollingthrough social feeds.

It would be an uphill battle trying to get students away from their laptops, smartphones or tablets to check their social media account while in the classroom.

Curb their addiction to social media by bringing it right into the classroom with purpose by displaying school social feeds on digital signage displays.

Add the Social Wall app to your TelemetryTV account.

Find an available classroom for discussions or meetings

Long gone are the times of walking into a classroom or meeting room already in session.

With digital signage displays’ ability to easily display the availability of a room as well as its upcoming available times, staff and students can save themselves the embarrassment of awkwardly walking into a lecture midway.

TelemetryTV’s SmartRoom app allows schools to display a classroom or meeting room’s availability from the outside.

Sign into your TelemetryTV account to add the SmartRoom app to your displays.

Getting started with digital signage displays

Today, more and more schools are recognizing the power of bringing digital signage displays to the classroom.

From displaying campus maps for easy navigation to sparking discussion on current events, digital signage displays have undoubtedly made its place in the classroom for both staff and students.

To propel your school forward with digital signage displays, sign up for a free trial today.