Service   Level   Agreement

This document describes TelemetryTV’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) between TelemetryTV (“our”, “us” or “we”) and the customers of its service (“you”).

Uptime Commitment

Uptime for a service is as measured and reported by our SLA Reporting Page. The service is considered to have failed our SLA commitment when any of the metrics as measured over the past 7 days are lower than 99.96%. This equates to roughly 4 minutes in one week. Outages that occur within a previously scheduled maintenance period are exempt from this calculation. You will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of a maintenance period through an in-app Intercom message. Service interruptions that are not measured by this SLA Reporting Page are exempt.

Support Request Response Commitment

We commit to respond to support requests you make through our in-app Intercom support tool within one business day. Business days are measured as conventional business days in the timezone of British Columbia, Canada, excluding statutory holidays. Support requests not made through Intercom (such as by email or voice) are exempt.

Service Credit Calculation

Failure to comply with the Uptime or Support Request Response commitments above will be deemed to be an SLA incident.
If an uptime incident is determined to be eligible then a Service Credit equal to 0.25% of your last months bill for every 1% of the weeks time of the incident will be awarded to you as a credit versus your next bill. For instance, if we are down for 1 day for the week (14% of the week) then you will be awarded a Service Credit 3.6% of your last months bill.
If a support request incident exceeds the response commitment it will be calculated in a similar manner (0.25% for each 1% of a weeks time). For instance, if we respond to a support request in 2 business days then a credit of 2 days would be awarded (7.2% of the last months bill).
Annually billed accounts will be prorated to a monthly period in order to determine the monthly equivalent. In all cases awarded credits will never exceed the total of the previous months bill.

Claiming Service Credits

You must submit an in app Intercom support request within seven days of an incident and detail the time and duration of the event. We will investigate the event to determine the eligibility of the claim and the amount of credit for an eligible claim. We have sole determination of the eligibility of any claim. We will not proactively award Service Credits, you must make a request.

Payment Of Service Credits

Credits will be awarded towards your next bill that occurs after we have completed our investigation into the incident and have determined that it is eligible.


We will only apply credits to future service payments. Service Credits will not entitle you to any refunds or any other payment from us. Unless otherwise provided for in our Terms and Conditions, this SLA represents your sole and exclusive remedy for the failure or non-performance of our Service. Our total liability to you for the failure or non-performance of the Service is limited to a Service Credit that will be no larger than your previous months bill (or prorated monthly amount for an annually billed account).


We may change this policy at any time. We will notify our customers through our Intercom support tool of any such changes in advance.