Mavi Jeans Canada

TelemetryTV transforms Mavi's retail customer experiences with robust digital signage tools


Mavi is a prominent denim and lifestyle brand founded in 1991, with its global operation headquartered in Istanbul and subsidiaries across the globe. The Canadian branch, located in Vancouver, BC, manages four retail locations, each featuring 2-3 dynamic screens.

The retail chain was in pursuit of an intuitive, cloud-based digital signage solution that could feature their brand videos, sales, and discount information, starting their search in January 2021. Their journey ended a month later when they found the perfect platform in TelemetryTV.


Without any pre-existing digital signage infrastructure, Mavi were in need of:

• Remote and user-friendly content management capabilities

• Reliable hardware suitable for high-traffic retail locations

• Real-time device network monitoring

With TelemetryTV, we have achieved a seamless blend of technology and enhanced retail experience. The platform's intuitive interface and powerful capabilities transformed our marketing processes as we're now fully equipped to manage brand campaigns remotely
Mesut Orhan
Director of Information Systems , Mavi North America

Breaking Boundaries with Remote Content Management


Mavi Jeans Canada had a clear need for managing content remotely. TelemetryTV responded by enabling their marketing team with a complete toolset to capture customers' attention with on-demand offers and engaging branded content, allowing to remotely upload pre-made sales posters, branded videos, and new product campaigns or create them using TelemetryTV's integrated Canva editor, all while keeping the content fresh and targeted with advanced tag filtering rules and automatic removal of expired offers.

Choosing the Perfect Hardware

Addressing the need for robust hardware, TelemetryTV recommended external media players over regular SmartTVs for their retail locations. By leveraging TelemetryTV's free trial to test the hardware and, impressed by the consistent performance, Mavi Jeans Canada chose to adopt it. As a result, Mavi has all the UHD videos play seamlessly in all their retail locations, boosting their customer engagement experience.

Monitoring Digital Signage Network Health in Real-Time

Using TelemetryTV's device monitoring capabilities, Mavi Jeans Canada can control their digital signage network health in real-time and get instant notifications right to an administrator's email in case some device in any of their locations goes offline. Furthermore, with access to device logs, Mavi are sure they can respond quickly to issues and reduce interruption to their customer experiences.



The partnership with TelemetryTV has empowered Mavi Jeans Canada with remote content management, enhanced customer engagement experience, and efficient device monitoring capabilities.

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