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A Digital Signage-First Operating System

TelemetryOS is our bespoke operating system based on a hardened Ubuntu 20 LTS core. Fully integrated with and optimized for the TelemetryTV media players.

Optimized for TelemetryTV

Patching and optimizing operating systems for high-quality video playback can be challenging for businesses. This is why we have optimized TelemetryOS for one professional purpose: play digital signage as best as possible.

Simple Interface

With TelemetryOS you don't have to deal with a command line or a generic operating system, as it has a friendly graphic user interface that lets you configure devices and get them up and running as quickly as possible.

Built for the Enterprise

With support for enterprise-class networking features such as proxy servers, NTP and SNMP, you will be able to easily integrate your new TelemetryOS devices into an existing enterprise digital signage network at scale.
Deploy devices At Scale

Unlock New Opportunities

Long-Term Support

TelemetryOS has a life span support through 2030 and beyond, allowing you to deploy today and not worry about forced upgrades or artificial obsolescence in the future that can happen with other platforms.

Mass Device Provisioning

Provision thousands of devices by simply powering them on and inserting a USB stick that preconfigures the device in seconds allowing you to deploy devices fast.

Bring Your Own Device

As TelemetryOS is based on Ubuntu 20 LTS it works with most intel-based mini PCs. We also have a selection of pre-configured and tested configurations for ease of deployment.
Enterprise-grade security

Security At The Heart of TelemetryOS

Automatic Patching

TelemetryOS updates itself automatically when new OS patches are available ensuring that the system is always stable and secure.

Designed To Be Secure

TelemetryOS is based on Ubuntu 20 LTS, a highly secure and stable Linux distribution. The OS is hardened in accordance with the Center For Internet Security guidelines.

SOC2 Compliant

TelemetryTV is SOC II certified. Its services are hosted in different regions worldwide, allowing you to enforce data sovereignty.

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