Increase Revenue with Engaging Digital Menus

Create and update stunning digital menu boards with ease. Delight guests, boost sales, and streamline operations with our powerful and intuitive tools.

Create Engaging Dining Moments

Say goodbye to printed menus. Effortlessly create dynamic digital menu boards that feature promos and boost sales. Curate vibrant visual menus, make updates at scale, and manage all your retail locations from the cloud.

We are able to deploy and provision digital menus in half the time with TelemetryTV, but the real win is all the time saved in the day-to-day maintenance. — Tom Licitra, SVP Strategy & Technology, Chopt

Create Stunning Menu Boards in Minutes

Swift Menu Updates Made Easy

Create stunning menus with ease using our fully integrated Canva visual editor. Upload your pre-made menu board images/videos to the cloud and deliver them to your screens programmatically.

Turnkey Digital Menu Templates

Craft eye-catching menus that resonate with your brand in minutes. Leverage 25,000+ menu templates available thru our MustHaveMenus integration.

Cutting-Edge Menu Development Tools

Create custom menu boards or point-of-sale kiosks using our DevOps-powered tools. Leverage our Git integration, SDK and JS libraries, and enterprise-grade hosting to build and host fully custom QSR apps.

Enhance Your Dining Experience with Our Menu Solutions

Next-Level Digital Menu Board Solutions

Enhance Your Dining Experience with Our Menu Solutions

Manage Your Digital Menus and Devices Across 100s of Locations

Mastering Menu Consistency

Keeping your menus targeted, relevant, and on-brand can be challenging—especially for multi-location QSR chains with many stakeholders involved in menu updates. Leverage content scheduling, content auto-expiry, playlist change approvals, and content tagging.

Flexibility Across All Platforms

Choose hardware you prefer. TelemetryTV supports, TelemetryOS, Android, Windows, ChromeOS, or Linux platforms. Whether you're a one-screen QSR or have hundreds of locations, you'll benefit from our fully automated deployment capabilities that make hardware setup a breeze.

Optimized Maintenance

Benefit from our hardware-agnostic device management tools. Alternatively, switch to the TelemetryOS—it dramatically reduces the network’s total cost of ownership as it requires 56% less time on device maintenance compared to other OSs, thanks to automatic security patching and software updates.

Enhance Your Dining Experience with Our Menu Solutions

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