Elevate Your Digital Signage and Kiosks Apps with DevOps Power

Leverage our Git integration for automated deployments and unparalleled collaboration for your custom signage and kiosk applications.

Discover the Future of Digital Signage

Streamline your development process and enhance collaboration — TelemetryTV seamlessly integrates with your existing CI/CD pipelines like GitHub Actions, enabling rapid deployment of custom web applications while providing powerful device management tools and SOC2-certified security.

We built this capability for organizations that want to unlock the full potential of dynamic displays and kiosks with streamlined custom application development. — Gersham Meharg, CTO & Founder, Telemetry TV

Optimize Collaboration and Create Custom Apps with DevOps Capabilities

Rapid Deployment

Accelerate your web application development with TelemetryTV's webhooks via GitHub Actions. Streamline your CI/CD pipelines to deploy content effortlessly, keeping your digital signage and kiosks up-to-date.

Unmatched Flexibility

Leverage TelemetryTV's comprehensive set of DevOps features, including turn-key hosting environments, serverless functions, and performance optimization. Create and deploy custom web apps tailored to your digital signage and kiosk requirements.

Enhanced Collaboration

Empower your team with DevOps-enabled workflows, optimizing communication, version control, and project management. Foster a collaborative environment to drive creativity and efficiency.

Level Up Your Digital Signage with DevOps Workflows

Deployment Made Easy by Design

Level Up Your Digital Signage with DevOps Workflows

Agile App Deployment Across All Industries


As the retail stores introduce new products or promotions, developers can quickly iterate on their digital signage applications, deploying real-time data and content updates, minimizing time-to-market and ensuring relevant content for changing retail environments.


DooH advertising networks in the Point of Care environments need an efficient way to manage and deploy media while ensuring a smooth UX for both patients and ad partners. With TelemetryTV’s DevOps Capabilities, Ad Networks can easily develop interactive content for kiosks that integrate a deep library of videos, images, and programmatic ad content for maximum audience engagement.

QSR Chains

Restaurant chains who have locations all across nation need a flexible and rapid path to deploy changes to their Menu Apps across their 100s of kiosks and digital menu boards. TelemetryTV DevOps-powered capabilities enable rapid iteration via CI/CD pipelines along with testing environments and version control for the perfect deployment.

Level Up Your Digital Signage with DevOps Workflows

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