Enhance Internal Communications with Office Digital Signage

From showcasing employee achievements to sharing KPIs, TelemetryTV ensures your messages resonate, motivate, and drive goal achievements.

Shape Exceptional Workplace Experiences with Digital Signage Solutions

TelemetryTV's corporate digital signage solutions are more than just display tools; they're about enhancing workplace efficiency and engagement. Whether it's for way-finding, emergency alerts, boosting brand visibility, or improving internal communication, TelemetryTV ensures your message is effectively conveyed.

We see that goals displayed on digital signage are being hit more consistently. With better performance awareness, the team is now being more proactive. — Trever Ehrlich, Creative Solutions Manager, Kenco

From KPI Dashboards to Employee Milestones, Communicate Effectively

Create Content that Drives Team Spirit

TelemetryTV offers turnkey tools to craft dynamic digital signage content for your office. From captivating lobby video walls to broadcasting updates in communal areas and promoting internal events, TelemetryTV ensures your message is both seen and impactful.

Share KPIs and Dashboards on Screens

Spotlight business insights and keep your stakeholders and teams informed with the TelemetryTV’s Webshots feature. Securely and easily display reports, dashboards from Grafana, Power BI, Tableau, and other web applications on corporate screens.

Stay Relevant with Office Signage Content

Elevate employee engagement through targeted messaging, by delivering content programmatically based on floors or rooms within your office. Organize, schedule, and auto-expire media to ensure visuals remain current, compelling, and in line with objectives.

Discover TelemetryTV's Internal Communication Tools

Internal Communication Tools Tailored for the Modern Corporate Space

Discover TelemetryTV's Internal Communication Tools

Master Your Office Digital Signage Operations

Streamline Digital Signage Device Management

With TelemetryTV's compatibility across all major operating systems, you can easily download our media player app for TelemetryOS, Android, Windows, ChromeOS, or Linux. Utilize our 'Device Defaults' capability to provision hundreds of devices automatically. Additionally, schedule device active hours to reduce costs.

Ensure the Highest Level of Network Security

Leverage TelemetryTV's integration into major federated login systems like Okta, Active Directory, or your own SAML and SCIM systems. Create user groups with specific permissions that limit what features and folders your users can access.

Access Industry-Leading Customer Service

Receive rapid assistance from our award-winning support team. Request custom training or secure priority help for escalated issues through audio/video calls or live chat. Benefit from custom SLA terms tailored to your business's needs, ensuring you receive the best service.

Discover TelemetryTV's Internal Communication Tools

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