Engage, Impress, and Inspire with TelemetryTV Video Walls Software

Unleash the full potential of your video walls with TelemetryTV’s powerful and intuitive solutions for content and device management—at scale.

Unlock the Potential of Video Walls

Video walls are not just about size; they're about impact. Whether showcasing products, broadcasting events, or telling your brand story, our tools ensure your content shines brighter and stays memorable. From content creation to device management, we've got you covered.

TelemetryTV empowered our marketing team to remotely deliver highly engaging digital signage content to each location. — Marketing Team, Vancity Credit Union

Captivate Audiences with Dynamic Video Walls Powered by TelemetryTV

Stay Relevant with Video Wall Content

Harness TelemetryTV's advanced tools to curate and deliver content seamlessly. Organize, schedule, and auto-expire media, ensuring your visuals remain fresh and relevant. Elevate audience engagement while maintaining brand integrity.

Create a Wow Factor for Your Audience

Video walls stand as the ultimate statement-maker that is both imposing and eye-catching. With TelemetryTV’s versatile media support and 70+ turnkey apps, you’ll be able to captivate audience and provide them with valuable and entertaining information.

Access Streamlined Device Management

Manage video wall setups with up to 8K resolution, spanning from dual displays to expansive 10+ screen configurations. TelemetryTV ensures smooth operations, device grouping, real-time monitoring, and effortless remote management.

Amplify Impact of Your Video Walls with TelemetryTV

From Creating Content that Scales Impact to Advanced Device Management

Amplify Impact of Your Video Walls with TelemetryTV

Maximizing Audience Engagement Across All Industries


Video walls powered by TelemetryTV are ofter used in retail environments to showcase products and promotions. They create dynamic visual experiences that attract and engage customers, helping to promote sales and brand recognition.

Corporate Businesses

Corporate offices and businesses utilize video walls in lobbies, conference rooms, and operations centers. With TelemetryTV, they can display company dashboards and metrics, celebrate achievements, broadcast news, or tell their HR brand story in the most engaging way possible.

Events & Entertainment

Concert halls, sports stadiums, and entertainment venues use video walls to enhance the viewer's experience. With our Live Video App, they can stream live action and instant replays from video sources based on UDP, RTP, MMSH, and HTTP, ensuring no one misses even the smallest nuance on stage.

Amplify Impact of Your Video Walls with TelemetryTV

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