Powerful and Intuitive Digital Signage Software

Powerful and Intuitive Digital Signage Software

TelemetryTV is the easiest way to transform screens into a powerful engagement tool.


Used by Top Organizations All Over the World

Deliver Engaging Content In Minutes

We help your team deliver brand compliant content through our intuitive and secure platform.
Content Management System

Effortlessly Build Content

TelemetryTV’s content management system lets you easily manage, schedule and track engagement with your visual content.

One Platform For All Devices

Our Player app runs on Android, ChromeOS, PWA, Linux, Windows, Mac, and iOS so you can deploy TelemetryTV on your device of choice.

Digital signage for Android, ChromeOS, PWA, Linux, Windows, Mac, and iOS

Beautiful Turnkey Apps

Get up and going quickly with a library of dozens of beautiful turn-key visuals.
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Digital Signage Apps

How TelemetryTV Works

5-step guide to getting started in minutes.
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Connect your hardware

TelemetryTV Setup Guideshort right

Pair or provision your devices

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Leverage TelemetryTV’s turnkey apps & integrations

TelemetryTV Setup Guide

Create engaging visual content

TelemetryTV Setup Guide

Schedule, manage, & monitor your playlist

Achieve Your Business Goals

Discover why leading organizations, from startups to global enterprises, have adopted TelemetryTV for digital signage.

Digital Signage Built for Global Scale

TelemetryTV’s infrastructure is built securely so you can scale fast while meeting compliance requirements.

The Backbone For Digital Signage

TelemetryTV can help you easily deploy 1 to 1000s of screens.
Remotely manage 1000s of devices
Monitor & receive device health status
Programmatically inform content & devices

Secure Digital Signage Software

Ensure that your data resides within your region. With regional data controls TelemetryTV can help you meet your legal requirements like GDPR.

TelemetryTV is SOC2, GDPR, and PCI Compliant

Amplify Your Advertising Efforts With TelemetryTV

Engage your customers the right way with meaningful digital content.

Generate Revenue With DOOH Ad Networks

Monitize your fleet of screens through DSP Ad Networks.

Generate revenue with DOOH ad networks

Proof Of Play Reporting Made Easy

Create campaign reports to track ad plays across multiple devices, locations, and playlists. Export logs and reports with ease.

Proof of Play Reporting Made Easy

Professional Functionality

Groups and Permissions
Groups and Permissions
Partition your users into groups who can only see and manage the content you allow.
Identity Management
Identity Management
TelemetryTv integrates into major federated login systems loke Okta, as well as with your own SAML or SCIM systems.
Device Provisioning
Device Provisioning
Avoid setting up devices one by one, instead provision at scale using tokens and systems like Chrome Device Management.
Playlist Approvals
Playlist Approvals
Let your users create content but insert an approval process with notifications for when new content is created.
All of our functionality is available through an API, letting you automate any process you like.
Proof of Play
Proof of Play
Track proof of play and create advertising campaigns with exportable reports.

People Love TelemetryTV

TelemetryTV makes managing and deploying digital signage easier than ever.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Ryan Sgammato
Port Jefferson School District

We love how easy it is to create professional looking boards for each building in our school district. 

Customer Quotes Avatar
Ian Bell
Roster Bot

Telemetry has allowed us to be imaginative. With basically infinite possible input source data and media, and a tremendous diversity in display paths

Customer Quotes Avatar
Nick Somers
Nvisionate Studios

TelemetryTV is one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly interfaces for getting digital signage in your business.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Jeremy Smillie
E-xact Transactions

Great well rounded application for digital signage and real-time dashboards.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Mike Zentz
10net Managed Solutions

I've used most of the major digital signage CMSs out there and TelemetryTV is the easiest to use by far.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Steward Zywicki
Blue Harbor Resort

I had the entire system up and running within a few hours on 4 different TVs.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Jared Meyer
Camp Bow Wow

The TelemetryTV user experience is excellent. We were able to easily customize the interface exactly to our brand and franchisees' needs.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Marco Fratarcangeli
Vancouver International Film Festival

TelemetryTV changed our whole operation and saved us hours of work, communication, and headaches!

Customer Quotes Avatar
Ann Foland
Liverpool Central School District

A great tool for communicating with staff, parents, and students in an engaging, fun format.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Brian Footit
Notre Dame High School

TelemetryTV made a very straight forward platform that anyone can use.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Jeff Onofreychuk
Delta 9

As a startup company, our needs are ever changing and TelemetryTV has been there for us every step of the way.

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