Unified Display Management

Engage customers and reach audiences by broadcasting content to any number of displays in real-time

TelemetryTV’s advanced display management platform allows you to publish content to any number of displays using Chromebox, Chromebase, or Chromebit.

TelemetryTV eliminates the need to use multiple applications to broadcast different types of content by providing one platform that lets you display anything from real-time dashboards, streaming videos and images, to interactive applications.

With TelemetryTV you can automatically provision and network multiple devices using the Chrome Device Management, making adding more displays easy and cost effective.

What can you do with TelemetryTV?


Take advantage of your company’s data and display them through visually dynamic dashboards to analyze the information and make better business decisions.

Real-Time Dashboards >

Digital Signage

Keep customers informed using digital signage that can enhance customer experience and have a positive effect on your bottom line.

Digital Signage Platform >

Programmatic Television

Improve customer engagement through customized programming by creating your own channels and broadcasting them based on time of day and geographical location.

Programmatic Television >

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