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Streamline your digital signage and kiosk network's content management, custom app orchestration, and device maintenance—at an enterprise-grade scale.

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Bring Your Content to Life with the Best Hardware Solutions

The Most Advanced Digital Signage Hardware

Discover the most reliable, secure, maintainable, and scalable digital signage players, tailored for organizations of any size and industry.

Bring Your Own Device

Get started with the hardware you have. Simply install the TelemetryTV app for any major platform.

The Ultimate Audience Engagement Product Built for Scale

Create and Deliver Engaging Content in Minutes

Get access to free 70+ turnkey apps like YouTube, Canva Visual Editor, and Menu Boards or upload your own media and docs. Programmatically display content based on location, room, device, and other data attributes. Use flexible scheduling and auto-expiring rules to keep your content always up-to-date.

Provide Unique User Experiences at Scale

Deliver unmatched user experience by instantly building and deploying custom web applications for your employee- or customer-facing screens. Whether it's for your digital signage or touch screen kiosks, we've got you covered with native Git integration, SDK, enterprise-grade hosting and much more.

Build Touch Screen Experiences with Ease

Engage your audience with TelemetryTV's turnkey tools for designing interactive experiences. Effortlessly transform your touch screen displays into digital kiosks, enhancing communication using interactive content, reducing operational costs, and improving overall audience satisfaction.

Gain Digital Signage Benefits for Your IPTV Network

Broadcast sports games, live shows, and other IPTV media while blending them with ads, branded videos, and other types of digital signage content. Deliver unforgettable audience experiences and boost revenues without the need to upgrade your existing distribution systems, set-top boxes, and TVs.

Access a 360° Control Hub for Your Enterprise Network

Simplify the scaling across your digital signage network and departments, with unified and remote control of content, devices, and user permissions, the guidance of a best-in-class support team, and a 99.9% uptime. Join Starbucks, BCG, Amazon and other biggest companies driving engagement with TelemetryTV.

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Testimonials & Case Studies

The CMS we used before required lots of manual work, negatively affecting our screen network's scaling. This prompted us to look for a more programmatic solution. —Michael Morgan, SVP of Business Development
TelemetryTV makes it easy to set up and deploy digital signage across our campus. We can easily communicate way-finding info, news, and welcoming signage. —Justin Price, Sr. Communication Technologies Engineer
TelemetryTV has empowered us to remotely deliver highly engaging content to each location. It has allowed us to run omni-channel marketing campaigns more efficiently. —Vancity Credit Union's Marketing Team
With TelemetryTV, we can provision digital displays in half the time compared to before. However, the real win is all the time saved on day-to-day maintenance of our signage. —Tom Licitra, SVP of Strategy and Technology.
The user experience for Camp Bow Wow's lobby displays is excellent. Training new users at franchise locations is straightforward and supported by top-notch documentation." —Jared Meyer, Project Manager
With TelemetryTV, Notre Dame High School was able to immediately improve engagement levels, content quality, and dialogue between our students and faculty members. —Brian Footit, Director of ICT
We see that goals displayed on digital signage are being hit more consistently. With better awareness of site operation, associates are now being more proactive. —Trever Ehrlich, Creative Solutions Manager at Kenco Logistics

Leading with Expertise Across Industries

Why Companies Choose TelemetryTV

Learn and Navigate TelemetryTV with Simplicity

With our modern, user-friendly, and sleek interface, your team will quickly become confident in using TelemetryTV in just a few hours.

Enable Collaboration with Multiple Teams and Users

Set user group permissions that limit features/folders your teams can access. Require admin approval of content changes. Access user logs.

Comply with Security Protocols and Legal Obligations

Choose the region where your data resides. Ensure your content is protected as TelemetryTV is PCI-DSS and SOC 2 compliant.

3-Step Guide to Getting Started

1. Automatically provision your hardware

2. Craft the engaging experience

3. Maintain content and devices in real-time

Your Legacy Digital Signage System May Cost You More Than You Think

Your marketers lose 20% of campaigns ROI by wasting time on content delivery due to a lack of cloud tools they can get with TelemetryTV. The audience remains unengaged without the interactive experience and custom apps that our kiosk capabilities and PaaS can deliver. IT experts spend 2x the time managing hardware as they would with TelemetryTV.