Visual Content is the Future

Visual content is the most effective way for your business to connect with an audience. Viewers remember 80% of what they see — but only 20% of what they read.

TelemetryTV lets you easily manage all your content and displays in a single next generation platform

Design, publish and manage digital signage, dashboards, video playback, advertisement all updating in real time with any number of displays with TelemetryTV at scale.

Screens are everywhere

Your content should be too

Connect with your audience no matter what screen they're looking at with TelemetryTV's powerful display management platform.

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Rapid Deployment

Automatically provision 10s to 1000s of displays leveraging Chrome devices and the Chrome Device Manager.


Easily add displays as your needs grow. Control your broadcast through your organization's roles and permission settings.


Manage everything from a browser, no on-site technicians needed. Runs offline too if your Internet goes down.

Move Beyond Preset Messages

Offer contextual content from breaking news to localized offers that both engage viewers and deepen audience loyalty.

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Contextual Playlists

Create dynamic non linear playlists that change based on pre defined programmatic rules.

Relevant Offers

Serve advertisements that match the attributes of your customers via Google's Ad serving platform Double Click.

Content Feeds

Display relevant content to your audience from popular 3rd party feeds or your own internal sources.

Power up your visual strategy

Turn mountains of information into memorable snack-sized visuals that are simple to understand, easy to remember and faster to action.

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Stream Live Data

Query databases, API's, log files and push derived metrics to TelemetryTV's powerful API using our data agent.

Beautiful Designs

Express your data using our library of visual widgets like streamcharts, tickers and gauges that animate in real time as your data changes.

Maximum Flexibility

Customize your dashboards to behave exactly the way you want using embedded Lua scripting or talk directly to our REST API.

What can you do with TelemetryTV?

Digital Signage

Keep customers informed using digital signage that can enhance customer experience and have a positive effect on your bottom line.

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Take advantage of your company’s data and display them through visually dynamic dashboards to analyze the information and make better business decisions.

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Custom Applications

Use TelemetryTV's real time data broadcast and display management capabilities to create next generation custom display applications.

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