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One Powerful Platform. Limitless Options.

TelemetryTV's visual engagement platform helps business of any size easily unlock the power of great visuals
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Whatever your industry, we help you succeed in a visual economy.

People process images 60x faster than text.
TelemetryTV powers stories that stick in a visuals-first world.
Food and
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Key Features

Some stories need pictures. Some stories include numbers.
Some stories are breaking now.

Dynamic Playlists

Create dynamic playlists of content that can be conditionally displayed.
Apply multiple playlists to a single display. Select content based on time, device properties and organizational properties and more.

Team Management

Manage a larger team with permissioned access to content, devices and playlists. Letting a large organization divide up responsibility for content throughout all the many displays that the organization has.

Easy to Use CMS

Use our Content Management System to drag and drop your videos and images up to TelemetryTV for inclusion in playlists. You’re also able to import PDF, Powerpoint and other common formats for automatic conversion to images.

Custom Applications

Build custom applications that are aware of the context of the display they’re operating on with our custom applications feature.  Great for custom interactive kiosk applications.

MORE features

Pick Your Hardware

TelemetryTV supports Chromeboxes, Window devices and modern day browsers to build your displays on. Get up and going instantly on ChromeOS for a vastly scalable platform to bring your content to thousands of devices.

Explore Our Apps

Easily turn the popular apps you use everyday into dynamic, relevant content for your screens.
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Digital Signage and

Choose a pre-made template to help you kickstart your digital signs and dashboards
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Infinite Screens. One Mission Control. Built for Chrome.

Getting your story on one thousand screens is now as simple as placing it on one.
Built for Chrome, TelemetryTV’s cloud-based display management platform offers a powerful solution that scales to the needs of any business. Control any number of screens, from anywhere.

Some of Our Clients

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K-12 EDUs get 30% off

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