Visual Communications for Distributed Teams

Keep your remote, hybrid, and in-office teams informed and engaged with digital signage screens powered by the TelemetryTV cloud-based software.

Bring Your Distributed Team Together

Keep remote and office employees aligned and informed with critical updates, live KPI updates, and news. Broadcast content remotely to corporate screens, home TVs, and tablets. Ensure precise targeting by showing content to specific teams, or the entire organization.

TelemetryTV offers an avenue for timely communication throughout our multi-branch manufacturing organization. — Angela Rodenburgh, VP of Marketing, Redwood Plastics and Rubber

Amplify Impact with Content that Engages, Informs, and Motivates

Enhance Engagement & Communication Clarity

Access TelemetryTV's solutions to cultivate corporate culture and share reminders, metrics, or news. Ensure your message drives transparency and makes an impact. Upload content in various media formats or create it from scratch using 70+ turnkey apps.

Motivate with Dynamic KPI Visualizations

Display real-time dashboards from Grafana, Power BI and other platforms on employee TV screens and tablets easily and securely. Share metrics relevant to each team, office, or the entire organization, allowing employees to track their progress in achieving goals.

Offer Unique Experiences with Custom Apps

Deliver unmatched user experiences by developing custom apps for your employee-facing screens. Whether it’s an app for TV-based signage or touchscreen tablets, we’ve got you covered with native Git integration, SDK, and enterprise-grade hosting.

Enhance Distributed Teams Collaboration

Internal Communication Tools Tailored for the Modern Corporate Space

Enhance Distributed Teams Collaboration

Bridging Communication Gaps for Remote, Multi-Location, and Hybrid Teams

Fully Remote Teams

With TelemetryTV, remote teams can share project updates, company news, and even social interactions, fostering a sense of community and alignment despite physical distances and async communications. It's an innovative way to keep all employees connected, engaged, and informed about the company's vision and goals.

Teams in Multiple Physical Locations

In businesses with teams spread across multiple physical locations, digital signage screens and tablets play a crucial role in unifying the workforce. TelemetryTV helps in broadcasting consistent messages, updates, and achievements across all offices, ensuring every team member, regardless of location, is on the same page.

Hybrid Teams

Hybrid teams, blending remote and on-site work, leverage digital signage screens and tablets to harmonize their operations. In the office, screens can display schedules, important announcements, and real-time project progress. Remote team members access this same information through tablets or other devices.

Enhance Distributed Teams Collaboration

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