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Explore turnkey digital signage hardware solutions tailored for organizations of any size or industry.

Recommended Hardware

Amazon Fire TV Icon

Amazon Fire TV

An excellent option for teams and companies with limited resources for setting up complex digital signage systems. Fire TV devices are recommended for simple signage apps and workplace communications. Simply plug in, connect to Wi-Fi, and you're ready to display engaging content.

Key Advantages

  • Recommended for non-commercial use
  • Suitable for basic digital signage needs
  • Available in Stick and All-in-One TV formats
  • Easy installation and minimal space usage
TelemetryTV Droid-1 Icon

TelemetryTV Droid-1

A noteworthy contender, especially for small-to-medium-sized networks requiring a cost-effective, mid-performance solution. Running on a custom TelemetryTV lab-developed version of Android, the Droid-1 is tailored for organizations preferring Android for their digital signage needs.

Key Advantages

  • Great balance between functionality and budget
  • TelemetryTV lab-developed Android OS
  • Exclusive digital signage features
  • 32GB storage, single 4K HDMI port
TelemetryOS Box Icon

TelemetryOS Box

An ideal choice for commercial 24/7 use, especially in customer-facing digital signage environments, including retail, banking, QSR, healthcare, and more. Powered by TelemetryOS, a digital- signage-first operating system, this player offers unmatched performance, security & stability.

Key Advantages

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Long lifespan of the device
  • Exclusive digital signage features
  • 128GB storage, dual 4K HDMI port

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TelemetryTV provides native compatibility with major operating systems, progressive web applications, and platforms. Just download our player app and install it on your device.