Digital Signage for Healthcare

Increase patient engagement and improve the healthcare experience.

Used by Top Organizations All Over the World

Healthcare Digital Signage Benefits

Enforce Brand Compliance

Standardize & Control Digital Assets

Use digital signage for healthcare to provide your healthcare facility with an extensive library of brand-compliant content to broadcast to your screens

Connect Your Favorite Apps

Turnkey Integration of 70+ Apps

Connect your favorite apps with TelemetryTV or choose from our library of customized apps. With TelemetryTV, you can get your medical digital signage up and running quickly and efficiently.

Campus Wide Alerts

Deliver Messages with Screen Takeovers

Share messages campus-wide to keep your audience informed. Our screen takeover system lets you quickly override screens with critical content.

Google & Microsoft Tools For Healthcare

Everything You Need To Get Anything Done

TelemetryTV is compatible with Google Workspace & Microsoft’s most powerful office tools.

Robust User Permissions

Easily Monitor & Manage

TelemetryTV’s powerful user permission settings allow you to easily manage who can add, remove, and update content on your hospital digital signage.

Remote Management and Scalability

Manage All Of Your Screens From One Place

Whether you’re deploying 1 screen or 1000, TelemetryTV can automatically provision your devices at scale.

Software Review Ratings

Ease of Use
Digital Signage
Average: 8.8
Quality of Support
Digital Signage
Average: 9.2
Ease of Setup
Digital Signage
Average: 9.0

Design Something Beautiful with Canva

Digital Signage Templates

Access a collection of ready-made templates to keep your audience engaged with screens that inform and impress. 

Design Something Beautiful with Canva

Getting started is easy.

At TelemetryTV, you can easily deploy 10 or 1000s of devices.

People Love TelemetryTV

TelemetryTV’s content & device management makes managing and deploying digital signage systems easier than ever before.