The Secure and Easy Way To Share Web Apps On Screens

Keep your team informed with live and actionable data by displaying 3rd party dashboards, reports or other web apps on screens within your company

Display Internal and External Sensitive Data Securely

The Web Screenshots feature works through the TTV desktop app, allowing you to access any password-protected website or app either on your local network or out in the cloud.

Automated Custom Sequences
Locally record event sequences for automating access to password-protected web apps and navigating to the exact pages you want to capture.
Credentials That Are Truly Protected
Your login credentials to 3rd party websites or web apps are stored on your local computer, behind your firewall, and are never transmitted to TelemetryTV.
Zoom, Crop and Capture Critical Information
Designate the snapshot area to only capture content that matters and display it in a screen-ready format without a need for additional editing.
Custom Refresh Rates
Set custom refresh rates, whether it's every 5 seconds or 1 hour. Make data-driven decisions on your schedule with information that is always up-to-date.

Get More Value From Your Tools

Broadcast Web Apps With Confidence

Web Screenshots empowers organizations of all sizes to share critical but sensitive information from 3rd party websites and web apps without sharing login credentials.

Bring Business Insights To Light

Web Screenshots provides your teams & stakeholders with a shared view into your organization's mission critical information. With access to the same data, everyone in your company can work towards a shared goal.

No Matter The Tool, Broadcast It

The team at TTV are second to none and I have so rarely encountered a group of folks that were so committed to my success. They're a pleasure to work with and they make my screens look sexy and me look really smart. — Angel Urena, New York Public Library

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