How to Create Engaging Digital Signage Content: Top Ideas and Tips

Taking the right approach to your digital signage is paramount. Find out what to do and how to do it right.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 04-20-2022
How to Create Engaging Digital Signage Content: Top Ideas and Tips

Digital signage isn’t just about marketing your products and services or directing customers from point A to point B. There’s an art to crafting content that resonates with its viewers, and that can have a big impact on how open people are to your overall messaging.

A few strategically made pieces of digital signage content can be the difference between a customer trusting your brand and becoming a loyal patron, versus glazing over your signs and retaining nothing from them.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you some of the best ways to do that, and which digital signage software to use in order to get the job done.

Ways to Make Your Digital Signage Content More Engaging

Before we get into the best digital signage content types and approaches to creating your content, let’s talk about ways to present your content.

Use Videos and Graphics

Arguably the number one reason why digital signage is so much better than printed posters and signs is that it’s dynamic.

Videos and moving graphics catch the eyes of passersby. Dynamic content draws attention and is almost impossible to ignore, especially on bright screens with high color contrast.

Make sure your digital content is stimulating first and foremost as a visual element. Because after all, if you can’t capture and retain viewers’ attention long enough to deliver your messaging, you’re missing the target.

Be Strategic in Your Approach

First, create a plan. Set clear goals for your campaign, identify your target audience, and determine the most effective ways to reach them.

Consider what their wants and needs are as a demographic and how your product or service can appeal to them. This information should drive your campaign and dictate your messaging.

We’ve already discussed the best form to use in order to get their attention, so think about what would be most effective content at a glance for passersby—something they can digest in a few seconds that’s compelling enough to hit its mark.

Strategize your approach to creating digital signage content, and continue to refine it to make it better and better at achieving its goals.

Be Fresh Yet Relevant

It’s better to avoid clichés in your digital signage, and try to create fresh messaging that feels authentic. This could be something like adjusting your brand voice to be more casual and incorporate localisms, or trying out a new brand image that feels more modern.

Of course, it’s always important to try out a new marketing approach on test audiences first if you’re making significant changes. But the results using your digital signage could be very positive.


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Top Ideas for Engaging Digital Signage Content

Tell the Story Behind Your Company, its Staff, or its Supporters

Many of the brands and companies we love and use regularly come from humble beginnings, or have a twist of fate that allowed all things to fall into place.

Find something that is unique about your business’ journey to get to where it is today. Your origin story sets you apart from your competitors and gives your brand a stronger sense of identity. Instead of being a name in a hat, customers will remember your story and how it all started.

For organizations that rely on donor support, telling donor stories is a great way to demonstrate appreciation, and potentially garner further support. Not only will current donors feel appreciated, but potential donors who were on the fence might feel obliged to contribute to your cause when they see how much it means to your organization and the people it serves.

Last but certainly not least, using your digital signage for employee recognition is a great way to boost moral and garner a healthy air of competition at the workplace. After all, the staff members who work the hardest deserve to be recognized.

Employee of the month, promotions, and even new hires can all be displayed on internal screens or external screens. The result will be a more cohesive, harder working team.

Make Enticing Offers

Your best deals will get people’s attention better than simply promoting the various products or services you offer. Get people excited by creating content around your biggest bargains or services that provide the most value at the best price.

Flash sales, promotional samples, and holiday specials are all great ways to turn heads.  

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