DooH Ad Networks for Digital Signage

Digital out-of-home (DooH) advertising is one of the fastest-rising trends in both the marketing and digital signage spaces. Here’s how to reach your target audience with DooH ads using digital signage.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 07-12-2021
DooH Ad Networks for Digital Signage

Pairing digital signage with digital out-of-home (DooH) advertising allows you to reach mass audiences far more effectively than print. So it’s no surprise that DooH ad networks powered by digital signage are replacing static billboards and other traditional outdoor advertising methods.


It’s even less surprising that DooH ad networks are being used as alternatives to ads delivered via smartphones and other personal devices.


By using digital signage, advertising companies can leverage DooH advertising campaigns to reach larger audiences, while still delivering personalized experiences to consumers.

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What are DooH ad networks?


DooH advertising networks are ecosystems of outdoor screens used by brands and advertising agencies to communicate with consumers who are going about their daily lives.


This can be anything from digital billboards and touchscreen kiosks to wayfinding screens, digital storefront displays, or digital panels at a local bus stop.



How can you use digital signage for DooH advertising?


To put it succinctly, digital signage software allows advertising companies to manage and display marketing content across a network of screens. In the case of DooH advertising, this content is specific to outdoor screens—usually in strategic areas with lots of foot traffic.


These advertising agencies sell the ad space on their screens for an additional revenue stream.


The outdoor screens can then be used solely for ad space or can be a multi-use platform with ads as one component—think digital information boards that also shows ads occasionally.


Typically, the business that owns the screens is paid a monthly fee for managing and deploying the ads across their DooH ad network.



Benefits of DooH ads powered by digital signage


The reason digital signage DooH advertising has risen in popularity so much in recent years is quite simple: it comes with a wide array of useful benefits for both businesses and advertisers.


1. Enhanced reach


It might come as a surprise, but DooH ad campaigns actually have more reach than ad campaigns on the internet or social media. According to one study, 70% of people said they had seen an ad on an outdoor digital display in the last month compared to under 50% who had seen an ad on the internet.


When placed in high-traffic areas, outdoor digital ads are seen by many, many people.


2. Better recall rates


Out-of-home digital ads are also more memorable than their online counterparts. When asking the survey participants who remembered seeing a digital outdoor ad in the past month, 82% said they specifically recall details in the ad itself.


The sheer amount of stimuli and choices one has while surfing the web or social media results in an overload of messaging. This can be distracting and make ads disappear into the noise of it all.


When people are moving around outside, a DooH ad is more likely to be noticed and digested.


3. Less intrusive


On that same note, unlike ads on the internet, DooH digital signage ads tend to be a whole lot less intrusive. They aren’t going to interrupt the video you're watching or pop up on your personal screen when you don’t want them to. Those types of ads can be very annoying and are likely to turn some consumers off.


DooH ads powered by digital signage, on the other hand, are there for those who want to see them at a glance. If someone doesn’t want to engage with an outdoor digital ad, they can just keep on going about their day.


4. Eye-catching and dynamic


Perhaps the number one reason why DooH ad networks are so successful is their visually appealing and dynamic nature.


Let’s be honest, it’s very hard to walk or drive past a huge, imposing, high-definition screen without it catching our eyes. That’s why ads printed on traditional signage are being tossed by the wayside.


On top of that, amazing custom content can be created and deployed on DooH digital signage, from high-quality videos and motion graphics to smaller-scale interactive and personalized content.


And with apps like Canva, digital signage content creation can be entirely free. Most tools include a simple drag and drop function with templates.  


5. Easy to update


Also, unlike traditional signage, advertisements on outdoor digital signage can be easily updated at the snap of a finger. This is a huge plus for ad agencies that regularly launch ad campaigns that need to be refined and rebuffed as data comes in.


If a certain ad campaign isn’t performing up to snuff, changes can be quickly implemented and deployed in their cloud-based digital signage CMS. This can be accessed through a proprietary app, or from any device’s web browser.


6. Localized and scheduled content


Another great benefit of DooH ad networks for digital signage is being able to target and schedule content. In short, this just means that content can be deployed to certain screens based on their location and the time of day.


This feature lets advertising companies localize their ads so that their intended audience is guaranteed to see them.


Digital signage also allows ads to be set to a playlist that constantly cycles throughout the day for marketers that just want to set ads to play and forget about it.



Getting started with DooH digital signage for advertising


If DooH ad networks powered by digital signage sounds like something your advertising company could benefit from, head over to TelemetryTV and try out a free demo of our all-in-one digital signage platform.

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