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TelemetryTV simplifies the way you manage digital signage networks, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


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TelemetryTV Benefits for Advertisers

Monitor and Manage your Advertisements

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    Proof of Play

    Gather and export attributes like location, screen name, impressions, timestamps, number of plays and playlists associated.

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    Localized Content

    Target content to specific areas of your network in order to achieve the most impact.

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    Kinesis Firehose Data Streaming

    Stream all log events into 3rd party data lakes, data stores and analytics services. Build custom reports using your favourite reporting tools.

Monitor and Manage your Advertisements

Generate Revenue With DOOH Ad Networks

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    Generate Revenue With DOOH Ad Networks

    Monitize your fleet of screens through DSP Ad Networks.

Generate Revenue With DOOH Ad Networks

Flexible and Scalable Deployment Options

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    Automatic and Simple Device Provisioning

    Whether you’re deploying 1 screen or 1000, TelemetryTV can automatically provision your devices at scale.

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    Support For Multiple Hardware Options

    TelemetryTV deploys on a wide array of hardware options. Our team continually updates the top performing solutions for your organization’s needs.

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    Channel System Integrators

    Our global network of channel partners can fulfill and provision hardware, as well as procure and install on-premises displays and hardware.

Flexible and Scalable Deployment Options
Customer Quotes Avatar
Brian Footit
Notre Dame High School

The software is designed with the end-user in mind. TelemetryTV made a very straightforward platform that anyone can use with minimal training or practice.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Angel Urena
New York Public Library

The team at TTV are second to none and are committed to my success. They're a pleasure to work with and they make my screens look sexy and me look really smart.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Bob Cummings
TITAN School Solutions

TelemetryTV is constantly improving. They continuously release new features, enhancements and fixes for their software. You're not just paying for what the product is today, but you're investing into something that will be improved over time.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Ian Stone
Respario LP

The product is rock solid and one of the best platforms on the marketplace that we have found in the 15 years that we have been in the digital signage business.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Justin Price
Stanford Health Care

TelemetryTV is so easy to implement from a development point of view and is incredibly easy to use.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Chris Schink
Penn National Gaming

Ease of use and functionality is incredible. The support team is a fantastic resource to help when we have questions and are very quick to respond. Couldn't be happier.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Jared Meyer
Camp Bow Wow

The TelemetryTV user experience is excellent. We were able to easily customize the interface exactly to our brand and franchisees' needs.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Marco F.
Vancouver International Film Festival

TelemetryTV changed our whole operation and saved us hours of work, communication, and headaches!

Customer Quotes Avatar
Angela R.
Redwood Plastics and Rubber

TelemetryTV has fantastic service. At any time during our configuration and launch, they were available to help out.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Daniel Healy
Seven Resourcing

The support team is excellent. Even though we're in different time zones, they always help me out when I ask, and they'll reach out to me with product updates and new features.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Phillip Doumas
Pikes Peak Library District

After presenting TTV to our communications department and to directors, everyone is very excited about TelemetryTV and the improvement to our signage program.

Powerful Developer Features

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    Custom App and HTML SDK

    Create your own custom apps and integrate 3rd-party services using our API. Trigger visuals from your sales CRM, or build an interactive application for your screens.

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    Remote Screen Control and Management

    Control your screens via RS-232 serial commands.

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    Full data Exportability

    Export activity logs to a CSV file.

Powerful Developer Features

Enterprise Grade Data Protection

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    SOC2 Audited and Compliant

    TelemetryTV services are hosted with Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean both SOC 2 compliant.

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    Your Data is Safe and Secure

    TelemetryTV complies with the highest security standards like AICPA, SOC 2, and GDPR regulations.

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    Custom Data Residency

    TelemetryTV’s data residency zones span across the world, helping you meet your data sovereignty requirements and performance goals.

Enterprise Grade  Data Protection

Design Something Beautiful with Canva

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    Professionally-Designed & Customizable Layouts

    With photos and templates inside our Canva integration, it’s easy to create graphics that impress.

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    Create Striking Video Ads

    With simple drag-and-drop tools and free video templates, Canva makes video ad creation intuitive.

Design Something Beautiful with Canva

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At TelemetryTV, you can easily deploy 1 or 1000s of screens.
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