Using Webhooks with Digital Signage for Real-time Corporate Notifications

The ability to use webhooks to push out real-time information and data to employees is a must in the corporate world. Here’s how to do it with digital signage.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 05-27-2020
Using Webhooks with Digital Signage for Real-time Corporate Notifications

There are no two ways around it: corporate workflows these days are extremely complex. One of the main reasons being that companies are relying on more and more software and apps to aid them in managing and tracking their business operations.


While these software products have gone a long way at streamlining the inner workings of corporations, the sheer number of apps companies are using often leads to a jumbled mess of information and data being brought in. Put simply, with so many sources bringing in information, it’s hard to sort through all the noise.


On top of that, in order for all of your corporation’s apps and software to work in unison, they must be able to communicate with each other. With digital signage for corporate notifications, you can use webhooks to do just that. And, in turn, you can ensure that the most up-to-date and relevant information your apps pull in is being seen by those who need to see it.



Why use digital signage for corporate communications


More and more companies every year are turning to digital signage to boost their internal communications. And the reason is very simple: it works. Instead of beaming out an endless barrage of emails that you hope your employees won’t simply ignore, you can broadcast real-time information across your office’s screens. That way, all it takes is a quick glance for your workers to take in all the data and information they need.


Here are some of the top use cases of digital signage for corporate communications:




Using webhooks with digital signage


In the simplest of terms, webhooks—in addition to APIs and middleware—allow your software and apps to communicate with each other. When it comes to delivering real-time corporate notifications, however, webhooks have a significant advantage over APIs.


The reason? Well, webhooks deploy data between apps immediately when a specific action or event is triggered. Whereas a typical API needs to poll for data to communicate information, webhooks are essentially automated messages, which make them perfect for real-time updates.


When it comes to digital signage, webhooks can provide a host of unique benefits. For example, a webhook could be set up between your KPI software and your cloud-based digital signage app. The webhook could then be programmed to push out real-time notifications through  screen overrides once a specific event occurs—such as a sales achievement, progress towards a goal, a milestone, an approaching deadline, etc.



Use cases for real-time corporate communications


The corporate world moves fast, which is why it’s always important to have the latest data and metrics at your fingertips. Digital signage and webhooks—when paired together—are great at getting real-time communications to those who need it, when and where they need it.


The top use cases for webhooks and digital signage include:

  • Customer support
  • Onboarding workflows
  • SQL pipeline
  • Marketing campaign metrics
  • Sales numbers and KPIs



Getting started with digital signage for corporate notifications


Like we mentioned before, there’s a long list of reasons why digital signage has blown up in the sphere of corporate communications. Put simply, the benefits are too impactful and numerous to ignore. Whether it’s for displaying live information in a convenient and non-interruptive way or motivating your team through content that gives them the drive they need to perform at the highest level, digital signage is a must for offices these days.

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