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Chopt leverages TelemetryTV to streamline content management across 35 locations


Founders Table Restaurant Group cultivates innovative and profitable founder-led restaurant companies. In 2021, the group sought a digital signage CMS for their Chopt QSR chain. They had been using Windows mini-PCs to run their digital menus and marketing promotions, but without a reliable CMS, that was time-consuming and hard to scale. They wanted something cloud-based, flexible, and scalable—as the Chopt chain was ever-expanding.

After testing CMS options from 7 vendors, they ultimately settled on TelemetryTV and currently use it to manage digital signage in over 35 locations and 7 different states.


Chopt’s original solution covered 12 locations, each with 1-4 screens. Managing content for these screens without a CMS required a lot of time and money to set up devices, create signage content, maintain their signage network and manage a multitude of related processes:

• uploading and updating digital signage content on each device

• keeping content relevant across the entire network

• relying on restaurant teams to alert IT of device errors

• manually deploying each device for new restaurants

This tedious work became even more of a bottleneck as they expanded, leading Chopt to test different options for managing digital signage.

We are able to deploy and provision digital displays in half the time with TelemetryTV, but the real win is all the time saved in the day-to-day maintenance of our signage.
Tom Licitra
SVP Strategy & Technology , Founders Table Restaurant Group

Solution: Streamlined Content Management

By choosing TelemetryTV, Chopt has access to a modern cloud-based digital signage platform that enables them to create, upload, and update content remotely. With the CMS's user-group permissions, programmatic content delivery, and scheduling features, Chopt is now confident they can display brand-compliant, targeted, and relevant content across their entire network.

"Having everything in one place makes things easier and faster for us. Since we have many new locations and plans to expand, it made sense to go ahead with software that streamlines content management, and we're glad we did."Tom Licitra, SVP Strategy & Technology at Founders Table Restaurant Group

Solution: Integrated Ordering System


Chopt's ordering system is something their customers love about the business. Different menus on each screen display offerings and incorporate a QR code that links to their online ordering page. Customers scan the QR code to place an order with their smartphones.

By Choosing TelemetryTV, Chopt also gained access to our Website App, which enabled them to easily display their custom order status display on screens and share real-time updates about order progress and pickup shelf assignments, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Solution: Faster Device Deployment and Cost-Effective Maintenance

Along with TelemetryTV's adaptable CMS, Chopt started using TelemetryOS, our proprietary operating system. Running their digital displays on TelemetryOS vs. Windows, where automatic updates would create display issues, has cut down on display-related support tickets by over 80%.

Another feature they leveraged was TelemetryTV's devices and network health real-time monitoring capabilities.  They now receive instant email notifications when devices are down, and have access to comprehensive debugging and diagnostics tools to resolve issues remotely.


With TelemetryTV in place, Chopt has scaled their digital signage network from 12 to 35 locations across the US, with all new restaurants including at least 4 monitors. They are leveraging the power of TelemetryTV to keep their marketing and digital menu board content efficient and effective and the overall digital signage system stable and secure.

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