Leveraging Programmatic Advertising To Deliver Value To The Partners

Mesmerize has been a leader in out-of-home advertising since 2006. They are dedicated to connecting people with valuable information, resources, and tools through no-cost custom digital screens. Mesmerize partners with advertisers to display content that is relevant to each practice's patients. They brand each screen with a custom name and logo, alongside custom messages and videos.

Mesmerize's point-of-care advertising strategy helps brands around the world run ads on screens in 1000s of waiting rooms, exam rooms, and pharmacies in the United States through highly targeted campaigns that inspire confidence and motivate actions from patients.

The Challenge: Managing Thousands Of Screens While Delivering Customized Content To Each Practice


As their network of screens continued to expand, Mesmerize found that scaling became more and more complex. They had to spend more and more resources to keep a best-in-class level of service. At the same time, the digital signage solution they used wasn't helping much with this challenge but exacerbating it. It did not sufficiently correspond to the specifics of point-of-care advertising—especially for a provider of that scale.

1. Mesmerize did not exploit efficiencies of programmatic out-of-home advertising and automated content deployment and devices management.

2. Advertising partners lacked transparency in ad performance and the ability to easily display localized content that resonates with the respective town/city/suburb's community.

3. Media auditors did not have enough information to certify Mesmerize's commitment to providing the highest level of stability, security, and assurance in provided data.

The digital signage CMS we used before TTV required lots of manual work, which negatively affected the scaling of our screen network. This prompted us to look for a more programmatic solution that leverages workflow automation.
Michael Morgan
Sr. VP of Business Development , Mesmerize

Integrating Custom Tools To Optimize Orchestration And Enhance UX


Thousands of advertisers work with Mesmerize to provide content for screens within various health networks. Each location has its own set of customer data, hours of operation, and brand guidelines. Add a fleet of 1000s of screens to this equation, and you can easily imagine that any lack of workflow automation can cost thousands of dollars.

Mesmerize overcame this obstacle through programmatic content insertion via TelemetryTV's API. They integrated their CRM, Salesforce, to programmatically display and update content within each practice according to hours of operation and location. By integrating TelemetryTV with custom tools, devices turn on and off concurrently with the practice's opening hours.

A Win-Win Solution For Both Healthcare Practices And Advertisers


By implementing TelemetryTV, Mesmerize was able to develop the idea of better waiting rooms for patients even further. Practices and pharmacies get powerful instruments at no cost to share custom messaging, images, and videos and promote meaningful office services. At the same time, visitors get more relevant, helpful, and engaging content.

Bringing Transparency To Partners and Auditors To Secure Rapid Growth

Advertisers get better-targeted media solutions designed to drive action and optimized to deliver higher ROI. With their ads running on screens within high traffic areas of doctors' offices and pharmacies and verified by proof-of-play reports, brands are now confident in their campaigns' performance. Furthermore, with an ever-expanding number of practices joining Mesmerize network, advertisers can reach even larger audiences.


When displaying ads, specifically in healthcare environments, transparency is a crucial factor—both for advertisers and media auditors. Brands must be able to gain valuable insight into their advertising performance, and media auditors must be able to certify Mesmerize's commitment to providing the highest level of data assurance.

Using TelemetryTV's ability to create custom proof-of-play reports and pipe and play data out through Amazon Kinesis Firehose, Mesmerize provides its partners with trustful data across different locations and playlists. Furthermore, these tools enable Mesmerize to become POC3 compliant by providing transparency into the delivery of their ads and proving that they meet the highest industry standards.


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