Vancity Credit Union

Fast and Simple Migration of 100s of Screens Across 55 Retail Locations to TelemetryTV


Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, also known as Vancity, is a leading credit union with over 55 retail locations across the Great Vancouver Regional District. In 2021, Vancity found themselves searching for a new digital signage system that could deliver more compelling messages to their members. They wanted something cloud-based that also provided automation and workflows for deploying and managing content remotely.

Vancity began testing various digital signage software options, ultimately settling on TelemetryTV.

Key Challenges with the Existing CMS

With Vancity's retail location network expansion and an ever-growing number of employees involved in creating and updating content, Vancity's demands for a digital signage solution had significantly evolved.

The marketing team needed the ability to quickly update content, support for modern media content formats, and flexible tools for managing roles. For the IT team, it was crucial that their digital signage solution meet their scaling requirements, including enhanced provisioning speed, device and network monitoring, and notification capabilities if a media player went offline.

TelemetryTV empowered our marketing team to remotely deliver highly engaging digital signage content to each location. It's allowed us to run far-improved omnichannel marketing campaigns, so we're definitely glad we made the switch.
Marketing Team , Vancity

Fast and Simple Migration

Given their advanced requirements for a digital signage platform, Vancity needed a solution that met their needs and allowed for ease of migration with minimal disruption to service.

Fortunately, Vancity already had Windows PCs and displays in place. In order to transition to TelemetryTV, all they needed to do was connect their existing PCs to the platform and install the Telemetry Player App. Switching to TelemetryTV helped reduce their average device provisioning time by half compared to their legacy platform.


Advanced Monitoring, Caching, and Software Updates

One of Vancity's major needs that TelemetryTV met was improved device monitoring. With TelemetryTV, they are now notified by email if one of their displays goes down or encounters an issue. Since TelemetryTV continues to play cached content if displays go offline, their audience doesn't see any disruption in playback, and device status notifications alert the Vancity team so they can resolve any connectivity issues quickly and discreetly.

Previously, new content would be cached throughout the day, potentially using up bandwidth and slowing down other essential processes. With TelemetryTV, new content can be set to cache during non-business hours, so bandwidth is not impacted when it is most needed.

TelemetryTV Required Only Minutes of Training—Not Days

After a one-hour training session with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, Vancity's marketing and communications team felt confident using TelemetryTV.

Vancity is now able to use TelemetryTVs robust scheduling features to automate the content that gets pushed to their displays. This hands-off approach has streamlined their content management, saving them time and allowing their team to focus on other projects.

"TelemetryTV provided us with a robust toolkit for both signage content and device management—at scale. After the trial, there was no doubt that we would go ahead with the upgrade since it was way better than our older system in basically every way." —Solutions Architect Team, Vancity


After a three-month proof of concept, Vancity deployed TelemetryTV on 120 devices across all of their 55 retail locations, many of which were three-screen video walls.

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