Kenco boosts warehouse productivity and safety with TelemetryTV's digital signage CMS


Kenco is a top-ranked third-party logistics company in the United States with a 70-year history and a modern, agile, and data-driven approach to business processes. In 2020, Kenco's Innovation Lab started searching for a new digital signage platform for their warehouses — to drive on-site productivity, connect headquarters with remote facilities, and improve engagement. They aimed for a cloud-based solution offering remote content management and integrations with their current workflows and ultimately settled on TelemetryTV.


As a modern company focusing on practical technology and innovative implementations, Kenco's digital signage requirements were ever-evolving. They outgrew the capabilities of their previous digital signage content management system (CMS), finding that it wasn't scalable, lacked flexibility and required redundant content management expenses Kenco wanted to eliminate.

• Kenco wanted to create more motivating and dynamic KPI visualization to further inspire their associates while they worked.

• As warehouse facilities and logistics deal with high safety risks, Kenco was always looking for new approaches to improve workforce safety.

• Kenco sought to efficiently connect locations with each other and give each site tools to communicate location-specific content, eliminating the need to send out USB drives, or use bulletin boards that become rapidly outdated.

• As Kenco's previous CMS was complex/outdated, they sometimes had to ask vendor partners to create and upload content, which was both time-consuming and expensive.

After testing multiple different options Kenco turned to TelemetryTV to help them achieve their digital signage goals.

Many of our projects center around data visibility; so much information is trapped in databases. General managers and operating leaders can access reports, but we want information accessible to the broader team on the floor. Solutions like TelemetryTV help us achieve that while concurrently delivering KPI improvements.
Trever Ehrlich
Creative Solutions Manager , Kenco's Innovation Lab

Enhancing Motivation and Productivity


One of the biggest values offered by TelemetryTV was the ability to display their real-time dashboards with metrics and KPIs relevant to each warehouse, allowing them to create content for specific rooms within a single location (inbound/outbound areas, break rooms, shipping registration offices, etc).

Thanks to live data, employees are able to track their daily progress to achieve weekly goals. For instance, one Kenco location realized a 30% improvement on a key productivity indicator attributed to digital signage powered by Telemetry, while their average number of pallets moved has increased by 10%.

"We see that goals displayed on digital signage are being hit more consistently. With better awareness of site performance, associates are now being more proactive, rather than just being pushed by their supervisors." —Trever Ehrlich, Creative Solutions Manager at Kenco's Innovation Lab

Keeping Workforce Informed and Safe

Kenco's safety team collects information about every potentially unsafe action and then visualizes it in their business intelligence tool. By utilizing TelemetryTV, they can now effectively communicate this information and enhance their workforce safety measures.

Using TelemetryTV's website app, the safety team broadcasts stats and body heat maps displaying where injuries tend to occur at every site. This approach has encouraged employees to be more cautious.


Improving Internal Communication

With a cloud-based digital signage CMS, Kenco's teams don't have to send USB drives to each location or ask to print company news and physically put them on bulletin boards. Instead, they can update content on the fly, making communication more dynamic and engaging.

Moreover, with TelemetryTV, their headquarters and all warehouse sites can effectively communicate and share content with each other, set specific targeting rules, or display content internally. This is accomplished with TelemetryTV's tag-based playlists and programmatic content delivery via API.

As a result of implementing TelemetryTV, one location's on-site event attendance has increased by 40%, which is an excellent example of improved communication.

Making Kenco's Staff True Owners of Their Digital Signs

With TelemetryTV's users and groups permissions feature, powerful yet intuitive UI, and effective training videos, Kenco's locations now have at least one person (and 50+ users in total) that communicates site-specific updates.

For example, the ability to display site statistics on screens allowed general managers to save 30 minutes daily on reporting, equalling thousands of dollars annually saved on productivity.


For 2023, the company has extended TelemetryTV pilot implementation to 20+ locations (with over 60 screens), with more sites constantly coming online. They have more than 50 users working with the CMS regularly. Together with the team, Kenco was able to drive productivity by displaying live KPI dashboards, improve workforce motivation, and decrease the number of safety accidents.

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