Stanford School of Medicine

Stanford Students Process Information More Efficiently with Digital Signage

Stanford School of Medicine is a world-leading institute in health research, treatment, and education. Communicating across the school's 35 departments and 7,000 students was a challenge. Stanford realized a dynamic and visual communication platform was essential. Digital signage was the solution to fostering awareness and community engagement for staff and students. 

Stanford’s student body works daily with cutting-edge medical technology. Faculty knew they would need a communication solution of equal calibre. In 2016, Stanford adopted TelemetryTV as the campus’ visual communication platform. 

Delivering Messages to Distinct Audience Groups with Scheduling

On almost any given day, there is an event happening at Stanford. There is no shortage of ways for students to engage with their community. From seminars and shows to simple social gatherings, organizers had to manage a lot of information. 

Using digital signage, Stanford is now able to engage their entire student body effectively. Today, Stanford broadcasts event info on specific days and times using TelemetryTV’s scheduling tools. 


Before using TelemetryTV, processing information was a laborious task for students and staff. Manually seeking out information across multiple channels meant the noise to signal ratio was high.
Tain Barzso
Sr. Manager, ICT , Stanford School of Medicine

Delivering Transport Schedules

Stanford students use many different methods to access the campus, including shuttle buses. For students using the shuttle service, that meant staying on top of all delays and service changes. Stanford needed a better way to serve those students who relied on the shuttle for transportation.

Stanford leveraged TelemetryTV ’s ability to collate multiple data sources onto the screen. Stanford now displays shuttle schedules in real-time on large TV screens where every student can see. This means that not only are buses better utilized, but students get more out of their day managing less on their own. 


Effective Wayfinding For Navigating a Multi-Faculty Campus

A significant hurdle for new students was understanding where to find the facilities they need. Effective wayfinding required a sophisticated solution.

TelemetryTV’s custom wayfinding app was the perfect solution for Stanford. TelemetryTV allows kiosks and touchscreens to display interactive digital signage content. Stanford’s wayfinding solution uses this feature to combine detailed maps and information with a simple UI. Now, any student can approach a kiosk and get precisely what they need. 


By facilitating the flow of open communication throughout the company, TelemetryTV has redefined processes for distributing information at Stanford. Students, staff and visitors now rely on TelemetryTV for providing an effective digital signage platform through the university campus. 

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