Camp Bow Wow

Leading dog daycare franchise adopts digital signage to elevate their brand experience and manage content at scale

Camp Bow Wow is leading the way in doggy daycare, boarding, and more. With over 170 locations across North America, they are the continent’s largest pet care franchise. As a Franchise, delivering a unified brand experience can be a challenge. Camp Bow Wow realized a dynamic and scalable visual communication platform was necessary.

In 2019, Camp Bow Wow turned to TelemetryTV to distribute and manage content across its franchise partner retail locations. Camp Bow Wow uses TelemetryTV for its digital menu boards, user groups and permissions feature, Canva integration, playlist publishing approval feature, and ability to enforce brand compliance at scale.

Creating Brand Compliant At Scale Using Canva

Finding the right balance between independence and brand management was an initial challenge for Camp Bow Wow. Each Franchise Agency has the opportunity to grow its operations and deliver messages to customers. However, without a distinct CMS and the use of templates, the task at hand can be tricky.


Camp Bow Wow looked to TelemetryTV to help them deploy end-points across North America. Through the use of Canva and corporate templates, franchise agencies across the continent are given the independence to build engaging digital signage displays unique to their operations, while maintaining brand compliance.

With TelemetryTV, we were able to easily customize the interface exactly to our brand and franchisees' needs.
Jared Meyer
Vendor Relationship Consultant , Camp Bow Wow

Delivering Messages to Distinct Audience Groups with Scheduling


With multiple endpoints, the responsibility for managing content and screens is distributed across multiple locations, people, and teams. The business needed a solution that provided the right people with a tool to manage content publishing at each location.


With TelemetryTV, Camp Bow Wow can manage who has access to specific screens, content and account features. When each franchisee logs in, all they see is their own store’s playlists and content.

Certain team members are assigned publishing permissions and content can be overseen by their team at head office before being published. TelemetryTV’s efficient publishing workflow allows users to make a change and send an approval request email to a designated approver directly through the interface. This eliminates the risk of managing messaging errors and gives Camp Bow Wow centralized control over the review process.

Camp Bow Wow worked with the team at NovMega who coordinated display installation and configuration across their locations.

Getting Started Is Easy.

At TelemetryTV, you can easily deploy 10 or 1000s of devices.