Constant Media

Using TelemetryTV for Multi-Thousand Endpoint DOOH Ad Network in Point of Care

Constant Media's point-of-care footprint presently extends to more than 20,000 physicians across 26 different specialties. Their patient volume represents millions of patient visits monthly through their network. The company's goal is to connect advertisers with the patients, sharing informative health content and promoting healthy changes to patient lifestyles.

Constant Media's point-of-care advertising strategy helps brands run high-impact and ROI-positive media campaigns utilizing creatives and communication assets—positioning this content within the right offices at the right moment of each patient's health journey.

Key Challenges with their legacy CMS

Since being founded in 2011, Constant Media's DOOH content and advertising requirements evolved and expanded. As their business began to scale, the media company outgrew its previous digital signage provider's capabilities. Specifically, some of the shortcomings were that:

1. It lacked the detailed reporting functionality needed for proof of play and ad performance metrics.

2. It required lots of manual work from platform admins and technicians, which negatively affected the scaling speed of Constant Media's network.

3. It did not have enough flexibility to help users intuitively create, manage, and update content for/in specific locations.

In 2018, Constant Media turned to TelemetryTV to help them achieve their digital signage goals.

I would definitely recommend TelemetryTV to anyone looking for a digital signage CMS. It is affordable, easy to use, and they are constantly updating their software with new features and improvements to create a better user experience.
Kyle Robbins
Project Manager , Constant Media

Establishing Transparency For Advertising Partners


Constant Media connects advertising brands with millions of patients each month. When companies like P&G, Pfizer, Bayer, Janssen, and other companies of all shapes and sizes buy advertising space on digital screens, they must be confident that Constant Media provides accurate, reliable, and consistent data.

TelemetryTV's advanced proof of play reporting provides Constant Media with information on the content played, where it was played, and the number of impressions. This tool is vital for buyers to understand how content is performing. This information can be exported in CSV format or piped out via Amazon's Kinesis Firehose to the end-users data warehouse.

Custom Campaigns Across 1000s of Endpoints

Constant Media works with thousands of brands, each offering unique products. These brands need to be connected with the proper health facilities to appeal to the correct audience group. Customization at granular levels while scaling can prove difficult without the right tools.

Constant Media needed a digital signage solution that would allow them to easily manage content to distributed locations. Using TelemetryTV, Constant Media distributed targeted content that dynamically adapted based on the pharmacy's location. Constant Media was able to leverage TelemetryTV's tag-based playlists, media auto-expire features, and its programmatic API to achieve scaled automation.


Keeping Track Of Displays Uptime From A Centralized Location

Another key requirement Constant Media had, was that their multi-thousand endpoint network needed to be operated remotely across a disparate team while ensuring high network uptime to maintain their POCMA certification.

Using TelemetryTV's advanced groups and permissions feature, in combination with its programmatic capabilities, users found it easy to execute their roles via the cloud.

The proper solution that secures further growth

Ultimately, Constant Media got the solution that covered their list of requirements.

Getting Started Is Easy.

At TelemetryTV, you can easily deploy 10 or 1000s of devices.