Lone Star National Bank

Enhancing banking experience with TelemetryTV-powered digital signage screens

Lone Star National Bank

Lone Star National Bank (LSNB), a technologically advanced and full-service community bank, has been making a significant impact in the finance and banking industry across South Texas. With over 700 employees and 40+ locations, the bank is committed to offering exceptional customer service and supporting local individuals and small businesses.

To stay ahead of the curve, LSNB sought a dynamic and modern digital signage solution to create engaging experiences for clients, simplify content and device management in real-time, and tailor content for each retail location. In August 2021, they found the perfect fit in TelemetryTV, a powerful cloud-based digital signage platform.


Before exploring digital signage platforms, the bank primarily relied on printed promotional materials and traditional TV signage in some locations, resulting in high maintenance requirements.

1. Promoting Revamped Products. The marketing team undertook a complete product line revamp and sought to promote updates using engaging videos and targeted images.

2. Empowering Content Delivery. LSNB needed a powerful yet intuitive solution that would allow more employees involved in content production to operate it confidently.

3. Streamlining Device and Content Management. The IT department demanded a solution with streamlined device and content management capabilities to reduce time-related costs.

A Digital signage screen screen in a Lone Star National Bank branch

TelemetryTV has given us an opportunity to engage with our customers on another level. Together, we are providing personalized experiences while optimizing operational efficiency by showcasing products and services and there is much more to come.
Bryon Guerra
AVP of Digital Banking , Lone Star National Bank

Empowering Engaging Experiences

TelemetryTV empowered Lone Star National Bank to promote their banking, investment, and insurance products vibrantly and engagingly with dynamic video and image content displayed above the tellers in their offices and lobbies. By leveraging content and device tags, LSNB can effortlessly deliver personalized experiences at each location. TelemetryTV's automatic content removal based on user-defined expiration dates ensures their playlists are always up-to-date, maximizing the impact of special offers and promotions.

Effortless Content Management Across Locations

With TelemetryTV, Lone Star National Bank's employees can remotely update content across all locations, regardless of their technical expertise. Uploading new videos and images to the cloud folder, real-time playlist updates, and leveraging turnkey applications like CNBC news feed and Weather create engaging experiences for visitors and reduce perceived waiting time.

Minimizing the Network's Total Cost of Ownership

TelemetryTV's automatic provisioning capabilities enabled the IT department to save time during the deployment of new Windows Mini PCs. Grouping devices and leveraging real-time device health statistics and logs empowered the team to address issues proactively, leading to reduced costs and a seamless digital signage network.

A TelemetryTV-powered digital sign in LSNB


Thanks to TelemetryTV, Lone Star National Bank has transitioned from printed materials and clunky hardware devices to a cloud-based digital signage platform, streamlining content and device management across all locations. They now provide engaging and targeted experiences to clients, supported by a robust and user-friendly solution.

TelemetryTV Digital Signage Solutions for Banking

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