How NextGrad Connects Colleges And Universities With High School Students In A New Way Using TelemetryTV

Choosing a university or college is one of the first important decisions in most people's lives. High school students are often puzzled by higher education planning long before graduation. It can be overwhelming to go out and look for information.

With hundreds of schools connected to its network, NextGrad is reinventing traditional bulletin board advertising, allowing colleges and universities to connect with students while they are at school. NextGrad's mission is to use digital signage to introduce high school students to new programs and opportunities they may not have considered or even known existed.


Choosing A Key Component For Advertising Network Growth

Founded in the US in 2019, NextGrad started its business with only a few screens and ambitious goals to grow its network country-wide. Сhoosing the right digital signage provider was one of the fundamental elements to achieve these goals.

In addition to the essential requirements like remote content and device management or support for popular media formats, the company wanted their digital signage CMS to have:

• simple implementation and a fast learning curve;

• features and pricing suitable for growth;

• high stability and security.

NextGrad wanted to concentrate its resources on business development and signing new advertising contracts. Therefore, they were looking for a scalable, cost-effective solution with flexible plans that would allow them to start with essential features and then move on to more advanced ones in the future. Content and device management had to be as intuitive and efficient as possible. Stability and security was also crucial—NextGrad didn't want to spend time maintaining and troubleshooting their existing kiosks when they had to focus on deploying new ones.

Ultimately, after testing different alternatives, NextGrad chose TelemetryTV.


TelemetryTV became one of the key components that allowed us to expand our digital kiosk network by over 1000% since we started using the solution. It is exceptionally reliable and easy to use as it only takes minutes to update ads across the entire network.
Asher Margolies
Vice President , NextGrad

Bringing Plans To Life With The Right Digital Signage CMS

Working with TelemetryTV, NextGrad can manage its growing screen network and content with ease. If the company hires new advertising managers, they start working with the platform independently in a matter of hours, without requiring much training. For specific tasks, there is detailed documentation, video tutorials, and customer service assistance available for no additional cost.

The way TelemetryTV's plans are designed allows startups and smaller companies to begin with the basic features, purchase the required number of additional devices if needed, and then upgrade to more advanced plans that provide robust features (such as proof of play reports, programmatic advertising, etc.). NextGrad pays only for the features they need today, directing finances to more critical projects.


TelemetryTV is SOC II certified, which means that it complies with the highest stability and security standards. Backed by Amazon AWS, Netlify, and Digital Ocean, TelemetryTV provides clients with a 99.96% uptime. Together with the device monitoring feature, it allows NextGrad to always be confident that their kiosks are up and running, playing engaging ads provided by their partners.

NextGrad And TelemetryTV: Focus On Further Growth


Perhaps best of all, TelemetryTV's platform makes it truly easy for NextGrad to scale its digital kiosks network. Starting with just a few screens, the company has increased the number to hundreds over the past 2 years and plans to continue its growth across North America.

Getting Started Is Easy.

At TelemetryTV, you can easily deploy 10 or 1000s of devices.