Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame adopted a digital signage solution across campus to build a dynamic communication strategy.

Bring Team Together

Notre Dame High School is a Catholic boys school in New Haven Connecticut. As longtime educators, they know the importance of creating meaningful dialogue with their students.

A strong sense of school identity means a student body that is more active, supportive, and ambitious. Without an effective communication network, students at Notre Dame were less informed of the larger community they inhabit. School services, events, sports, and social connectivity are all harder for students to engage in without effective communication.

Notre Dame chose TelemetryTV’s digital signage platform as a dynamic communication solution. For this education institution, it was the right choice for their use cases and audience.

Building A Community Through Social Interactions

Social media is a driving force of connectivity today. Today, Notre Dame already has an active presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They needed a way to share the value of their social media and foster student engagement in their community.

TelemetryTV made it easy to broadcast social media content visibly in every area of the school, ensuring Notre Dame’s content was reaching every student. Student’s could get involved this way and build school spirit. Using TelemetryTV’s social apps, such as twitter, Notre Dame immediately improved the level of engagement and quality of content and dialogue between students and faculty.

“With TelemetyTV Notre Dame is engaging students with digital signage in every area of the school.”
Brian Footit
Director Of ICT, Notre Dame High School

Embodying Notre Dame’s Mission and Values

Notre Dame hosts events that provide students with lots of opportunities to connect. In a typical month, drama productions, sport games, fairs, fundraisers and more are held. Notre Dame needed a way to keep every student effortlessly up-to-date with the latest events on campus.

Two accomplish this, the school leveraged TelemetyTV’s events app and video integrations. Announcements now exist throughout the physical space of the school. Students can find announcements on any of the school’s TV screens, from flu shots, to fundraisers.

Notre Dame also uses TelemetryTV to deliver a non-stop sports content cycle. With a variety of videos, photo slideshows, game schedules, and interview clips, the Notre Dame Green Knights are engaging students with their teams’ presence in every area of the school. 

Building Transparency and Time Management Practices with Scheduling

It can be hard to ignite a sense of school spirit if a student feels more lost than welcome. Without effective communication throughout the school, students aren’t able to know when classes have been moved, cancelled, or altered until they’ve wasted valuable time.

Using TelemetryTV to integrate class and event schedules into every school display was simple. Students can now discover the goings on of the week, no matter where they are.

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