TelemetryTV enhanced rennie's brand exposure in the real estate market with cloud-based tools


rennie have been offering premium real estate services in Metro Vancouver (Canada) for over forty years. Their portfolio includes developer services, real estate advisory, and a full-service brokerage propelled by best-in-class intelligence, an in-house technology team, and a uniquely human approach to real estate.

With the home office in Vancouver and currently 7 rspaces (collaborative work spaces for advisors) in Greater Vancouver, each housing 1 to 7 screens each, rennie made the smart switch to digital signage in June 2020. Their quest for a dynamic and engaging solution for displaying branded content led them to TelemetryTV, and they haven't looked back since.


Before TelemetryTV, rennie was reliant on printed materials. The main challenges they faced were:

• A desire for a powerful but easy-to-use digital signage tool that could visually and dynamically present their brand story, services, and customer testimonials to reinforce their brand presence.

• The search for a cloud-based digital signage solution that could manage content remotely, build video walls, and synchronize devices so the content is played synchronically across different offices and rspaces.

TelemetryTV’s robust cloud solution enables us to serve multiple forms of media across our devices quickly, and allows us to easily manage our brand exposure across several locations. Their support team is very responsive, helping us resolve any issues quickly.
Darrell Koopmans
Vice President of Technology , rennie

Brand Strengthening Through Visual Communication


TelemetryTV enabled rennie's brand team to promote timely and informative content to clients, including the rennie podcast and market intelligence. This visually engaging approach helped to build trust with potential clients and promote the company's trusted expertise and insights. With the power of digital signage, they can now display information in a visually engaging way.

Getting Ultimate Digital Signage Experience

With TelemetryTV's 70+ turn-key applications, device synchronization features, video wall capabilities, and much more, rennie could access a solution that supports a cohesive, strong brand message across all their locations. These capabilities facilitated timely and consistent communication of their history, services, and values, helping them build a thoughtful relationship with their clients.


Digital signage powered by TelemetryTV helps rennie with its goal—promote real estate as a means to build better communities and improve lives, building their business with trust, knowledge, and a human approach. Since 2020, they have extended their initial setup of 7 devices to over 20 screens, allowing them to share their unique brand values.

TelemetryTV Digital Signage Solutions for Real Estate

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