AOpen Touchscreen Chrome for Digital Signage

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    Available in 9", 15", 19" and 22" depending on your requirements, these devices are fanless and vibration resistant making for great interactive kiosks.
  • Supported OS
    Designed for 24/7 commercial use
    Fanless and vibration resistant
    Requires a Google Enterprise license for each device (annual fee of $24 USD).
  • Supported Features
    Automated provisioning
    Kiosk mode
  • Device Info

    Powered by the AOPEN Chromebox Mini and built for 24/7 commercial environments, the commercial-grade AOpen Touchscreen lineup features a 9", 15", 19" and 22"-inch full HD screen configuration with 2 USB ports and 4GB of RAM that serves a range of self-service kiosk applications including check-in, ticketing, loyalty programs, and wayfinding, as well as a variety of DOOH applications.

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