Chromebox Mini for Digital Signage

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  • The Bottom Line
    The Chromebox mini is a great inexpensive option for large scale digital signage deployments. Be aware that it only supports 1080p screens
  • Supported OS
    Designed for 24/7 commercial use
    Solid state, fanless and vibration resistant
    Great solution for inexpensive deployment at scale
    Does not support 4k
    Requires a Google Enterprise license for each device (annual fee of $24 USD).
  • Supported Features
    Automated provisioning
    Kiosk mode
  • Device Info

    A solid state, fanless Chromebox designed for 24/7 operation in challenging environments. This Chromebox is a great solution for inexpensive digital signage deployment at scale in hostile environments. The Chromebox Mini features 16GB of storage, 4GB of RAM and 1 USB port.

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