CTL Chromebox CBX2 for Digital Signage

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    One of the most flexible Chromebox on the market, while providing for a cost effective deployment. This is generally the best device to deploy TelemetryTV with the ChromeOS platform. Supports dual 4k displays.
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    Value for Money
    Supports Multiple Displays
    Designed for 24/7 commercial use
    Recommended RAM / storage capacity
    Supports provisioning
    Supports true 4k
    Requires a Google Enterprise license for each device (annual fee of $50 USD)
    Initial set up can be complicated
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    The CTL Chromebox CBX2 is a high-performance device for digital signage and our recommended device to deploy TelemetryTV on. The cost-effective solution also features 64GB of storage,  4GB DDR4 Memory and multiple USB ports.

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