Intel NUC for Digital Signage

Windows/Linux Device Guide

There are several recommended devices that can run TelemetryTV on two different OS options: Windows 10 or Linux. You have the freedom to choose an OS based on your preference.

See our hardware page for a list of all recommended devices.

Intel NUC

This is one of our favorite devices. It is a versatile device, available in a wide range of configurations supporting multiple screens. More info here.

Video Wall Intel NUC

When you need to build a video wall of six or less screens, the high power Intel NUC is a great choice. This will have the power to drive up to half a dozen 4K displays at once. More info here.

Mini PC

The Mini PC represents a variety of options on Amazon from Chinese manufacturers. Inexpensive and reasonably powerful, these devices allow for some relatively decent bang for the buck.  You'll need to roll your own solutions, often requiring flashing of drivers and so forth, so this is good solution for those that are very technically minded and cost conscious. We recommend Apollo/Gemini Lake based systems for ideal performance. See options here.

AOpen eTILE Series

The AOpen eTILE series of integrated PC's provide a great set of options for you to build custom touchscreen kiosk solutions and deploy micro signage throughout your organization or business.

The Software

Windows 10

What are the advantages of using Windows with these devices

  1. Easy to set up
  2. Widely available and customizable
  3. Recommended for setting up video walls

What are the disadvantages of using Windows with these devices?

  1. Not ideal for deploying at scale
  2. Expensive

Windows 10 Deployment Guide


What are the advantages of using Linux with these devices

  1. Nearly as widely available and customizable as Windows devices, without the added cost of a Windows license

What are the disadvantages of using Linux with these devices

  1. Not ideal for deploying at scale
  2. Ease of setup is largely dependent on device model, it may require some technical expertise if the hardware isn't supported out of the box.

Linux Deployment Guide