Minix U22-XJ

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  • Overall Score
  • The Bottom Line
    The Minix U22-XJ hardware is powerful and delivers a dynamic audio and visual experience. The device's powerful capabilities result in a quick, responsive performance. This device is our recommended Android device.
  • Supported OS
    Relatively cost effective and easy to use
    Recommended for larger deployments
    Does not support Multiple Displays
    Does not support Remote Provisioning
  • Supported Features
    4k playback
    USB provisioning
  • Device Info

    The Minix U22-XJ is our recommended Android device as it is easily rootable. This enables recommended signage functionality such as automatic app updates and Kiosk mode.

    This device has 32GB of capacity, 4GB RAM for faster performance. Dual-band Wifi with 2X2 MIMO means that this powerful device also features robust internet connectivity for Streaming.

    You can purchase the device through Amazon. Please follow the purchase link above.

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