Telemetry delivers more awesome features!

Read all about the Telemetry's most recent feature release update. From widgets actions, to single sign-on to group admins. There's a lot of great improvements.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 10-19-2015
Telemetry delivers more awesome features!

We've released some great new features in Telemetry!

Board templates

Next time you create a new board, you can select from 5 new templates. These templates are here to give you an idea as to what can be created with Telemetry or a starting point if you want to use the boards as is.

Widget actions

Now when you click on a widget you can set the ‘onclick’ action to link to another board. This can come in handy if you want more granular information linked to a specific metric.

Group Privileges

With 'group privileges' you can create admin groups within your account to manage who has access to your boards ensuring the right people are seeing the right content. Only users within that group can see the board in the Telemetry manager or pair the board to a viewer.


Single sign-on for enterprise accounts

SSO for Enterprise accounts allows a user to log-in with a single ID to gain access to a connected system or systems without being prompted for different usernames or passwords, or in some configurations seamlessly sign on at each system.

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