Digital Signage for Corporate Social Responsibility

Many organizations nowadays commit to CSR initiatives to positively reinforce their brand while reducing paper waste in the process. Using Digital Signage is simple, logistically efficient, and can serve IT purposes while simultaneously fulfilling your organization’s CSR objectives.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 12-09-2020
Digital Signage for Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer just a principle undertaken by a select handful of companies — it’s now considered an essential part of any viable business or entity.


You’ve probably heard the term more than a few times in recent years, but what exactly is CSR? In short, corporate social responsibility is a model that enables a company to be socially accountable for its economic, social, and environmental impact, rather than just pursuing profits at all costs regardless of who is affected.


When a company is committed to CSR, it conveys that its operation actively seeks to benefit society and the environment in addition to sustaining itself and generating profit.


CSR can take several forms, such as routinely donating to non-profits, committing to diversity standards, offering training and job placement for the disabled and marginalized groups, and implementing steps that reduce a company’s carbon footprint.


Put simply, corporate social responsibility is not only good for society and the environment, it’s beneficial for the company too. Today’s workforce is more socially and environmentally-conscious than it’s ever been, with these sentiments continuing to trend upward.


The reason for this isn’t all that surprising: people genuinely like to know and feel that their employer is making a tangible difference in the world. When a business makes CSR part of its culture, employee morale, productivity, and overall commitment increase as a result.


So how does digital signage fit into this?

Using digital signage for CSR


If you want CSR to be embedded within your company, employees need to be fully aware and on board with its core initiatives and implementation. Simply putting up some pages on your website isn’t enough. These values and ambitions need to be visible and present in the workplace in addition to being fully ingrained into your branding. That’ll make it clear that your company’s corporate social responsibility is not just talk. 


Digital signage is definitely one of the best tools for accomplishing that. You can use digital signs to proclaim your CSR mission inside your company’s location(s) and make both employees and visitors aware of different events, updates, and causes related to your CSR mission and goals. Simply put, wherever you have digital screens in view, you have the opportunity to promote awareness of your CSR.

Making digital signage your commitment to CSR


Implementing a digital signage system is an ideal way to uphold and reaffirm your company’s commitment to its unique corporate social responsibility. Your workplace can utilize screens in high-traffic employee areas and entrances to display visuals and text-based messages that remind employees of your CSR values and how they are being enacted and upheld.


Your digital signage content can include information about volunteer opportunities, photos from community initiatives, real-time data showing how much waste or energy is being saved across the company, donation amounts, and whatever else that might be beneficial to your company culture.


The overall goal is to remind and reassure everyone in the company of the good being achieved through their work. This will motivate and inspire workers—especially Millennials and Gen Z employees.

Embracing the digital transformation


Let’s face it, digital transformation is an absolute must at this point for businesses of all types and sizes. Adopting the widespread use of digital signage is a part of the bigger picture that is digital transformation. And when it comes to signage, the fact of the matter is that digital screens showing dynamic content are more eye-catching than static displays.


The world has been involved in a widespread digital transformation for decades, but there’s still a lot of ground left to cover. One key step is pivoting away from the use of paper, particularly when it involves signage and advertisements.


Efforts to modernize your business, corporation, or facility should start by integrating a network of digital screens for both employees and customers to benefit from if you don’t already have one.


Additionally, committing to a digital transformation for your company can be a significant part of its corporate social responsibility.


Why is digital signage safer for the environment than paper?


The paper industry has a profound impact on the environment. Practically every step of the paper supply line from start to finish is harmful to the global ecosystem, from the loss of trees to the manufacturing of ink and transportation of products.


By switching to digital signage in place of paper when possible, you are actively helping to decrease the consumption of paper and reduce the impact on the environment.


Why is digital signage more efficient than paper?


Printing on paper requires an extensive process that is not only time-consuming and inefficient but more expensive in the long run. And once something is printed, it’s permanent. With digital signage on the other hand, content can be updated and altered on the spot as many times as you want. Digital signage content can be highly targeted to specific users and devices individually.


Your employees can also share data and information in a much more streamlined and efficient manner with the help of apps and automated functions that save valuable time. For industries where timeliness is always a top priority, this is a total game changer.


How can I employ digital signage in my CSR campaign?


Digital signage is the perfect tool for creating awareness of your CSR campaign. You create custom content that can be automatically pushed out onto any of the screens you select from your remote dashboard. And since the content management system is cloud-based, it can be accessed from virtually any device at any time.


Whether it’s on screens in a waiting room, front desk, break room, meeting room, or on employee devices such as tablets and work computers, content can be targeted and curtailed to provide information that’s relevant, impactful, and up to date.



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